Best Android Auto Clicker for Games 2022 (No Root)

Are you looking for the best Android Auto Clicker for Games? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article will share some information regarding the Best Android Auto Clickers For Games.

Mobile Auto clickers are one of those things that people either love or hate. Most of us don’t understand how they work, but we do know that they’re pretty handy. These apps allow you to automate tasks like clicking on points on the screen, taking screenshots, and even video game automation. There are many types of auto clickers, each offering slightly different functionality.

But whether you take screenshots, play games, or randomly click around the screen, there are some great options for you. So let’s check out our list of the best auto clickers for Android. In addition to that, you won’t need to root your smartphone to use these applications. Doesn’t that make things much easier to understand?


What is an Android Auto Clicker?

An Android Auto Clicker is an app that can automate clicking on your Android device. This can be useful for tasks such as playing games or clicking on ads. Many mobile auto clickers are available for Android, and you can find them in the Google Play Store.

Android users can use a mobile auto clicker without root access. Many user-friendly interfaces and automation apps are available, such as Macrodroid, Auto Clicker for Android, Tap Automation, QuickTouch, and Tasker. These apps automate clicks or taps on your android device. They are straightforward to use and have a user-friendly interface.


How to Use an Auto Clicker for Android?

If you want to use an auto clicker for your Android device, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. First, you need to find a good auto-clicker app. There are many different ones available on the Play Store, so take your time and find one that is user-friendly and has good reviews.
  2. Once you’ve found an app, install it and open it.
  3. You should see a control panel where you can set the time interval for the auto clicker.
  4. Please set it to whatever you want, then start the App and let it run. That’s all there is to it!

You can now sit back and relax while the App does all the clicking.


How to Make Sure these Apps Work on Android?

After installing the App, click on Settings > Accessibility and activate the permissions for the App you wish to use, even though most applications nowadays will urge you to provide access to your phone automatically. This will ensure that the apps will operate correctly on your Android smartphone.

We strongly advise you to use the free version of if you seek an auto clicker compatible with Windows. Windows users are more likely to put their faith in this choice.



Auto Clicker


auto clicker android


The most popular Android App for clicking things has just received a significant update. Auto Clicker has become even better than ever. With this version, you don’t need to do anything special to start tapping automatically. You need to download the latest app version and set up the locations on the screen where you want to click. After that, turn on the Auto Click feature and enjoy the benefits of automatic taps.

While Auto Clicker is free, some additional features are available for purchase. You can unlock advanced features like customizing the speed of clicks, choosing the number of times you want to click per day, and choosing if you wish to enable auto-pause. There are also different themes and sounds included in the package.

It can operate in the background without root access, and its settings and parameters may be modified through an easily accessible interface. Additional benefits include: Auto Clicker’s design is sufficient compared to other common Android apps. Simply start the program and place your finger where you want to click.


Download from Google Play Store



Auto Clicker – Tapping


best auto clicker for android


The application Auto Clicker–Tapping is designed to help people improve the speed of their work.

When you tap on an object, it will be automatically pressed without lifting your finger. This way, you save precious seconds every day.

You can specify how often the application checks whether the object has been tapped.

If you want to turn off the function entirely, go into the settings. If this is your first time using the Auto Clicker – Tapping app, You’ll want to turn on the visual and audible prompts for automated pushing.

When the program has completed a task for you, it will be intuitively clear. In addition to that, this program features an exceptions list. It will prevent automatic clicks from happening when you work with programs listed in it. A particular area of the parameters is dedicated to hotkeys assignment for more efficient work.


Download Now from Google Play Store




Click Assistant – Auto Clicker: Gesture Recorder


android auto clicker for games


This App’s title explains its function perfectly. The program will do the clicking for you once you’ve drawn a mind map. Everything runs swiftly and smoothly without the need for “root” access.

Click Assistants’ interface is very attractive and intuitive. You can adjust the frequency, the duration of each cycle, the delay time, etc. There are several configurable features, such as selecting the desired process count, the time of delay, etc. Last but not least, it’s one of those apps popular with Android users, and the opinions from those users attest to the App’s excellent quality.


Download Now from Google Play Store




Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch


best auto clicker android


The Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapping software allows you to tap or swipe anywhere on the screen without lifting your finger. You have to set the desired number of taps per second and the time it takes to make one action. This app will carry out all your instructions without more input from you. So you do not have to touch the mouse or keyboard anymore.

This application can initiate double-clicking, long presses, swipes, etc. All your actions with the mouse and keyboard will now be done easily.

The software tool can identify program windows and their borders. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper will decide where you are in the window by clicking on the title bar.


Download from Google Play Store



Auto Clicker


auto tapper android


Only for Android, this mobile Auto Clicker software is noticeably more straightforward to use than its predecessors. It may be challenging to understand where to click when you first open it, so you’ll need some time to cope.

Before accessing the options, you’ll need to select the language. Select the number of milliseconds, the time between intervals, and the areas that require clicks that will be highlighted. Upon completing the form, the enable button is activated, allowing the App to continue functioning even when the user is not actively using it. Numerous such setups are possible, but only one may be active at any moment.


Download from Google Play Store



Auto Clicker with Macro – Clickmate [NO ROOT]


mobile auto clickers


It works with Tasker and MacroDroid, making it the most popular app of its kind. Using mobile Auto Clicker with Macro, you may set up automated clicks to perform tasks you specify. Several functionalities important to the App’s automation of procedures are also included.

First, launch the program and select record mode; from there, you need to click the screen to indicate where your actions will be repeated.

Time, frequency, and other parameters of your action can be customized. The App may be used without having to root your device. Overall, clicking is reasonably accurate, especially when compared to other apps.


 Download from Google Play Store



QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker


auto clicker mobile


This application is effortless to use. Screen actions like clicking, tapping, and swiping may be recorded and used later in any program.

For example, after recording your clicking pattern in a game, you may speed it up or slow it down to suit your needs. The right move!

Multiple targets can be targeted at once or individually. Post-recording is when you can tweak the parameters and set the repetition count. Although the App’s UI is rather simplistic, it doesn’t hinder its performance.

There are a lot of intrusive advertisements; however, paying for membership will eliminate them. QuickTouch, like the prior one, doesn’t need to be rooted to work.


 Download from Google Play Store



Auto Clicker Lite


auto tapper android


This lightweight version of a popular application is excellent for people who only need an auto-clicker app since it allows them to record a sequence of clicks in just a few minutes and then play them back automatically.

It’s great that mobile Auto Clicker Lite supports more than 20 languages, but first, you’ll need to choose the language the app is written in.

The next step is to click the spots into the map while simultaneously tweaking other parameters. Adjust the parameters to your liking by modifying the number of cycles, the duration of the clicks, and the time limit.

While the App’s UI and general appearance are very simplistic, its functionality appears to be OK, and it’s beneficial given that it doesn’t require root access.


 Download Now from Google Play Store



Game master – Auto Clicker -Tapping


Game master


It’s the most excellent android auto clicker for games. It doesn’t need to take root means it may be used with any game. Furthermore, this mobile auto clicker stands out from the crowd because of its straightforward UI.

The first step is to hit the record button and capture all of your movements. By adjusting the clock, you control your taps’ timing and duration. You have complete control over when the touchpoints are shown. Next, you’ll want to tweak the click rate.

This App’s defining feature is the ability to set custom targets anywhere on the display screen & move around with your mouse about those. As a bonus, the software may be used with any game without effort.

While there have been no significant problems with Game Master’s operation, there have been isolated incidents of program crashes and restarts for select users.


Download from Google Play Store



Auto Clicker


Auto Clicker


This simple tool allows you to click on specific locations on the screen automatically. This feature is useful when you play favorite games like “Tetris,” “Snake,” “Breakout,” etc.

You choose how many times you want to click and set the interval. You’ll find it easy to use and convenient when you start using it.

The timer may be started using Auto Clicker as well. It’s used to activate the click deferral feature. 


 Download for Google Play Store



Auto Clicker Master – Automatic tap

Automatic tap

The Auto Clicker Master – Automatic Tap is an automatic tapping tool that allows automatic clicking on your mobile device. With this tool, you can easily tap on certain display areas. This feature makes it possible to quickly check the contents of a web page or email while browsing the Internet or quickly answer calls on your smartphone.


Download Now from Google Play Store



Blue Point – Auto Clicker


Blue Point


The Blue Point – Auto Clicker is the best tool for automatic taps on the mobile device. You can easily use it to automate many daily tasks without having to worry about mistakes. This App works perfectly on Android devices and iOS.

With unique settings, you can customize every aspect of the program. For example, you can specify how long the tap lasts and how often it repeats. You may specify where the app’s tap action should occur on display.

This program’s ability to record your mouse actions is an excellent feature. You can use the App by enabling action recording in the preferences.

Then, by clicking the actions, you wish the software would repeat. All past events are recorded and can be reenacted at any time.

It’s also helpful if your work involves periodic repetition. You won’t have to enter the criteria and settings again. Just use the “Saved Settings” option to get going.


 Download from Google Play Store



Automatic Tapping – Auto Clicker


Automatic Tapping


After a user-specified delay, the Automatic Tapping app for Android will tap anywhere on the screen. In addition, the application allows you to select the points where the mouse will be tapped. You can even record your clicks.

You can configure the settings according to your needs. For example, you can set the single clicking or double tap. You can also choose whether you want to use the left or right button.

This App’s ability to record your mouse movements is an excellent feature. You can use the App by enabling action recording in the preferences.

Then, by clicking the actions, you wish the software would repeat. All past events are recorded and can be reenacted at any time.

It’s also helpful if your work involves periodic repetition. The parameters and settings are saved, eliminating the need to re-enter them during your next session.


 Download from Google Play Store


 Frequently Asked Questions


Is Autoclicker allowed on Roblox?

Always remember that using auto clickers in Roblox is a severe infraction, regardless of the circumstances or the approach.


When playing Favorite games, how do you program an automatic clicker?

  • If you’ve already downloaded and installed the mobile auto clicker, you may launch it directly by clicking the icon.
  • Pick a shortcut on the keyboard to initiate or cancel clicking.
  • Pick the option to “save keyboard shortcut.”
  • The time has come to initiate or halt the robotic clicking.


What exactly is a game auto clicker?

A mouse’s clicks can be automated via an auto clicker App, which can cause the mouse to click on a screen element at a far higher rate than the user intended. The clickers may be adjusted to play back previously recorded data or to produce new data based on the current parameters.


Can apps detect auto clickers?

No auto clicker detection API is currently available. All mobile auto clickers imitate clicks by utilizing accessibility services; an API is available to determine if any accessibility service is active.


How quick is the fastest automatic clicker available?

Speed AutoClicker is a lightning-fast auto clicker that can click over 50,000 times per second.


What are the Benefits of using an Auto Clicker on Android?

There are many benefits to using a mobile auto clicker on your Android device. For one, the App does not require root access, so it is easy to install and use. Additionally, the App is very user-friendly – open the program and mark the number of repeats you want. You can also map out where you want the clicks to occur, and then the App will do the rest. This is a huge time saver if you need repeated mouse clicking, as it helps you do the task much faster. Finally, you can adjust the click interval to suit your needs. Add any click points you want, and the App will take care of the rest.



Auto-clicking apps are an excellent way for gamers to automate repetitive tasks in online games. These simple auto clicker apps for Android are handy for tasks that require a lot of tapping or clicking. Mobile Auto clickers can be used on both Android & iOS devices. Some of the best mobile auto clickers have a user interface that is easy to use. Please share your thoughts about the android auto clicker for games in the comments below.

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