20 Best RPG Games for Android Offline 2023

Look no further if you’re looking for the best RPG Games offline. This is a list of the 20 best RPG Games for Android that can be played offline. These Android games are all free to download and play. Many individuals enjoy playing games in their free time.

However, some people are so hooked on playing games that they can’t stop. Some individuals play games for the sake of spending their leisure time. Some, on the other hand, use games to enhance their skills.

Many people like to play different games based on their hobbies. We’ve produced a list of the top 20 offline role-playing games for Android in 2023 for any RPG fans. Let’s go through each game one by one.


What are RPG Games for Android Offline

  1. RPG games are best suited for serious gamers looking to become immersed in a digital world. They are best known for their rich dialogue, character development, and branching storylines.
  2. An RPG is a game where a player controls a character who usually travels through a story-driven story. This type of game is best played offline so you can immerse yourself in the story without being distracted by notifications or messages.
  3. The best games have immersive stories that keep players engaged throughout their gameplay.
  4. There are lots to choose from in this genre on Android devices!


Best RPG Games for Android Offline

This best android RPG offline is excellent for those who love classic role-playing games. It’s also highly recommended that you play with headphones, as the sound effects and music immerse players even more into the story.


Planescape: Torment

retro games

Planescape: Torment is an RPG game that was first released in 1999. It is best known for its unique identity, narrative style, and unconventional game mechanics.

The game’s setting is established primarily through text dialogues, which makes it unique among most RPGs. The game occurs, especially inside the prison fortress of the Nameless One. This is fitting as the protagonist has no name, though various titles throughout the game can refer to him. His ultimate goal is to find out who killed him and why.

To do so, he must travel through the city of Sigil and speak with its powerful inhabitants. These conversations will lead him to other characters who may have known about his past or hold valuable information that could help solve this mystery. The protagonist can converse with a party member in real-time, which leads many fans of Planescape: Torment back into nostalgia for turn-based games where they were forced to wait their turn before choosing any action/dialogue options.

The best offline RPG game on Android requires strong storytelling skills and great combat mechanics!

Planescape: Torment has some unique game mechanics that can be found worldwide, including immense detailed character customization, what’s best offline RPG android, turn-based combat, and a wide variety of spells, abilities, and skills.


Reigns: Games of Thrones

traditional rpg

Reigns: Game of Thrones is an Android game developed and published by Nerial. The entire game is a spin-off of the original game; Reigns and the players take control of Westeros as they attempt to balance the kingdom’s best interests.

Players make choices during their turn, allowing them to fight and marry other characters in the game. When the player dies or makes five bad decisions, they’ll lose their chance at winning the throne.

Players collect coins, power, and church cards as they play, allowing various choices during their turn. Dark secrets can also pop up and change alliances and gameplay for those watching closely enough to spot them. Reigns: Games of Thrones is one of the Best Action RPG Games for Android.


Monster Hunter Stories

mini games

Monster Hunter Stories is a turn-based RPG game in which you help out the people of the world by hunting monsters. You do this by equipping weapons and armor, riding your horse or flying on your giant bird, and fighting monsters in the wild. The monsters are intelligent and can walk around without attacking you.

The best thing about this game is that you don’t have to spend any money on it if you want. Many RPG games for Android require that you buy in-app purchases, but this game is $14.99, and the best part is once you purchase it, there’s no more spending required!

The second best thing about Monster Hunter Stories is that although it may be turn-based, it’s quick and exciting! If anything playing a giant monster waiting for turns can get pretty exciting because when your character’s next move comes up, they unleash potent attacks with amazing animations.

The quests are also reasonably fast-paced, so even though there are many cutscenes to watch throughout the adventure, most are short enough to keep you interested. It is among the Best action RPG games for Android users.


Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

online or offline

Warhammer Quest 2 is a medieval-themed turn-based role-playing game best for players who want to delve into the best of the best in RPG gaming. The game has gorgeous 3D graphics, an engaging storyline, and plenty of challenges to keep you entertained.

The End Times is a turn-based RPG strategy game with players exploring randomly generated underground dungeons & dragons full of treasure and fearsome enemies. Companies such as Games Workshop and Cyanide Studio collaborated on the project with Chaos, another famous tabletop gaming company dedicated to Fantasy warfare wargames.

The best part about Warhammer Quest is that it’s free to download and play, but there are plenty of in-apps purchases for sale if you want more cards or the premium version. This game makes a great offline RPG experience because each adventure takes place underground, with new challenges around every corner. But make sure to use Google Play Games Services, so you don’t lose your progress!


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

fun game to play

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a free-to-play mobile game. This is the best RPG experience for mobile versions who are both Harry Potter fans and those looking to play a fantastic role-playing game on their smartphone or tablet device.

It features excellent graphics with easy touchscreen game controls so players can immerse themselves into this world filled with magic spells, potions, dementors, and all sorts of other creatures that Harry Potter fans will recognize from the books/movies.

You’ll be able to create your customized character first before exploring Hogsmeade Village (and Diagon Alley), where students flock every day after school to purchase supplies needed for classes like Potions, Charms, Herbology, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

This RPG game is best played offline with no internet connection, so gamers can play it on their daily commute to school or work without worrying about roaming charges. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $49.99. Still, they are optional for enjoying this epic adventure of magic spells, potions, and battles against evil forces trying to ruin Hogwarts!

Players will have complete freedom over how they want to build their character with various abilities that best suit their distinct style, whether you’re into being good or bad at heart! Some players prefer focusing more on crafting potions. In contrast, others may opt for learning dark arts spells instead since completing these quests yields great rewards.

There are a lot of different quests to take part in that best suit the kind of spells being used. For example, using good magic relies on tapping or swiping your finger across the screen while casting dark arts best suits an evil character, so you’ll have to do quick time events instead of following a moving circle with your finger and pressing it at just the right moment for that spell to be effective.



solo content to play

One of the Best Adventure Android role-playing games is Crashlands. Crashlands is a full game best enjoyed offline. Crashlanded on an alien planet, you must explore your surroundings and gather resources to survive.

You’ll need to craft items, build shelter, and defend against enemies that don’t want you around – all while managing your health and hunger levels. The Amazing graphics are colorful, and the gameplay is addictive! Once you get into it, be prepared for one of the most rewarding survival games ever created!


Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

go online and play

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG is an addicting offline game for Android devices. The game is free to download from the google play store and with in-app purchases. Players must battle through hordes of enemies in many different battle arenas. 

The game has over 100 quests that must be completed to progress through the game. There are also 10 playable characters that players can choose from with different skill sets and classes. Iron Blade also utilizes simple controls, which make it easy for beginners to learn how the game works. This is one of the Top RPG mobile games for Android.



online and play on multiplayer

Postknight is one of the best RPGs with a unique art style and gameplay. The best description for this game would be: “A 2D side-scrolling, pixel art action RPG hybrid with some roguelike tendencies”. If you like games like Dungeon Hunter and Diablo, this is the best choice.

The best thing about this game is that you can take it offline. The main character, the Postknight, delivers parcels and letters in a fantasy world full of monsters during nighttime. You must defend yourself against thieves who want to steal your package while delivering it before it gets stolen!

This game offers hours of content for free without compromising gameplay or graphics. If you are looking for an intense action RPG adventure, download this game now!


Demon’s Rise 2

adventure rpg

Demon’s Rise 2 is the best offline RPG game for Android. The best part about this game is that it can be played online and offline, so you don’t need an internet connection! You’ll get your quests, battles, bosses, skills, and loot on whatever device you use (a phone or tablet).

It also features over 10 hours of gameplay with many environments like forest glades, dark caves, snow-covered mountainsides, etc. This game has everything from puzzle-solving to turn-based combat system, so there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself while playing Demon’s Rise 2. If any sound is interesting, check the link below for more information.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

rpg for android

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is Android’s best action RPG. Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) takes place 4,000 years before Star Wars.

In Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR), players assume control of various characters, monsters, vehicles, and planets during a galactic war between the Jedi and Sith. An intricate plot and branching dialogue provide for multiple endings that allow players to pick one or the other in their struggle.

With a spectacular performance, you may use 40 distinct abilities. As you utilize these abilities more frequently, your strength will improve. Every character is exciting and has a personality. There are eight beautiful worlds in which you can discover everything.



pc games

Evoland is an exciting role-playing game that can be played on Android’s most secure browser. It’s historical, not open world like The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Evoland’s beginning is reminiscent of early video games, but as you play and upgrade, the user interface changes to match modern games.

You start the game in a small, 2D 8-bit world. You’ll scour the map looking for chests and upgrades. You’ll hear footsteps and sword battles if you find an “Audio Upgrade” in a chest.

Another gem you could find is improved colors, brightening the universe. You’ll find your first primary weapon and search for a complete warfare system. There is little of a story in Evoland, which is one of the old-school Android RPGs.The gameplay is also fast, taking between 45 and 60 minutes to complete.


Dungeon Quest

free to play

Dungeon Quest is not one of the most well-known Android role-playing games. However, this game has some role-playing components. Players can customize a Wizard or Warrior with a vast arsenal.

Each of the four acts has a big boss you must defeat to continue. You’ll face different enemies in different places.

The game’s pet feature lets you choose and personalize a companion. However, you become tired of offline and single-player mode gaming when you’re near a WiFi connection. You can use the lightest browser for Android to access online multiplayer mode.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades

play the game

The Elder Scrolls: Blades has everything for gamers who enjoy exploring new places and experiencing exciting storytelling. It’s the first large first-person role-playing game to be built for Android Mobile devices.

The game has a beautiful character creation tool, allowing you to immerse yourself in the open-world game with your distinct look and abilities. Players can find and learn unique weapons, armor, and talents to fight ancient and fantastical beasts.

The Empire’s finest soldiers, The Blades, are exiled against their will in the game. You go home only to discover it destroyed and devastated, perhaps something you must face while dealing with the exiled Blades. You’ll combat unearth the enigma while trying to restore your hometown’s prosperity throughout the game.


Knights of Pen and Paper 2

role-playing game for android

My favorite offline RPG for Android is Knights of Pen and Paper 2. This game has a unique style. A Game Master joins the party at the round table. The Game Master guides you through combat and unusual environments.

In a conventional tabletop style, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is played in a turn-based format; therefore, the pace is somewhat slower. Smartphones display the game’s 8-bit graphics well.

There are a variety of character classes to pick from. Wizard, Warrior, and the latest Druid and Psion are available. There’s a fantastic complete skill system that may be improved.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 also includes a sizable amount of customization in terms of weaponry and armory, including a crafting mechanism where players can mix armor to generate an improved and durable suit. Still, there’s a crafting system so players can upgrade their armor uniquely.


Portal Knights

turn-based rpg

Portal Knights are one of the newest role-playing games on Android devices. The game puts you in a 3D sandbox to fight alone or collaborate with your pals. Offline gameplay allows you to engage in plenty of solo activities, making it ideal for periods when you’re not online.

The game has a character development system like many other traditional RPGs. The players will be able to improve their character as they progress through the story and complete tasks. They’ll also be able to create robust equipment to boost your character’s abilities, allowing you to take on the game’s big bosses with confidence.

You’ll be able to discover a lot of the island. You may work alone or with others to restore world peace. As you travel across the map, you’ll come across indigenous people from several planets to complete their missions and even recruit a few of them to your world.



android platform

Full-action role-playing game Eternium is offline. You can enter Eternium offline whenever you wish. A story drives the game. The game grows more engaging as the story progresses. He used magic or powers he gained along the way.

The player may use the magic to go beyond different locations and defeat the bad guys. He is seen as a fighter who clashes with zombies, dragons, skeletons, and other monsters. The unleashing of power rises with each level, and new capabilities become accessible. It’s even better and more thrilling if you download the most recent versions. This best game is a top game for all ages.

Eternium is clean, simple, and ideal for Android. It has a tap-to-move function, making it simple to move the player. The visuals, designs, and sounds are all excellent. This game is popular among players due to its randomized levels and changing characters.

Isn’t it amazing? As levels progress, you can add more characters to your favorite player. It’s available for download in the Android browser.



free rpg

When you hear the word “quest,” what are some of the first things that come to mind? Everyone has this mental picture of a global war where you fight enemies and ultimately conquer Earth. This also applies to Questland. The game’s story and progression are both dynamic. Players always enjoy the fun and excitement of a good story in an RPG. It makes you long for the grand quest expeditions of yesteryear.

The Magic Key has a lot of great features. Still, one of the most interesting is customizing your own character/player. That’s a treat for everyone!

Multiplayer Game conquests let you team up with a teammate to combat enemies. Isn’t it thrilling? You can combine and mix different artifacts to create a new weapon with double strength.

The game is simple to pick up, and you will be satisfied once you start playing it. There’s also a daily prize feature. It follows after 24 hours. Claim them to get cool powers and weapons that help you level up. The music soundtrack is fantastic, as are the visuals.

The game’s popularity has earned it a user rating of 4.8/5 from the people, which indicates its appeal. Some online capabilities may be installed using the fastest browser for Android. The game modes are updated regularly to fix bugs and enhance previous versions.


Epic Conquest

rpg offline

The game is only available on Android devices. It’s on the list of Android’s 20 best offline RPG games. It’s because of the game’s distinctive fluid control feature. This implies no autoplay in the game. You may manage the game. It has a fantasy-themed love story built around it. Each figure has a unique expression and is depicted attractively.

Single-player Epic Conquest has multiple difficulty levels. You may choose between three different degrees of difficulty. The more difficult level you pick, the greater your rewards. This game does not utilize the ‘pay to gain’ system.

It has four characters to select from, each with a skill set and abilities. The skills of the character you pick will affect how powerful their powers are. Yes, the more you utilize your powers, the stronger they become. The game is simple to play and only takes up a little battery life on your phone, which is a significant worry with many games.

The stunning conclusion is won by Epic Conquest, which offers a simple yet classic rpgs display. Don’t you want a romantic ending when you battle for love? Of course, you do. It’s available for download from the best web browser for Android without a charge.


Shadow Fight 2

best android RPG offline

Shadow Fight 2 is an addicting offline RPG you may play without a server. The player can use martial arts techniques and gear upgrades in this offline game, a great combination of traditional fight games and RPGs. The player isn’t only equipped with gears and abilities and martial arts skills. This makes the game more appealing to play. The more you play the game, the more tricks you learn.

You’ll need to defeat your opponents and foil the evil bosses to approach the Gate of Shadows. The game’s realistic motion capture adds to its realism. The controls are suited for Android touchscreen devices, allowing players to move them about quickly.

There is a customization option available. Using this ability, you can outfit your player with weapons, magical abilities, and more.

Shadow Fight 2 is an action and fighting game with a narrative. The plot advances with each level, getting more dramatic. There are six evil worlds in the game. Each has its demon and degree of difficulty.

Even though the conclusion phase is challenging, gamers want to reach the end with enthusiasm. The game received a rating of 4.6/5 from players who enjoyed it. Reviews have been extremely positive overall for the game. The evaluations are favorable, and people commend the title wholeheartedly.


Cover Fire


CoverFire is a top Android offline RPG. It’s very mobile-friendly, and the screen matches your phone’s display flawlessly. Cover Fire resembles IGI and other PC games. It simulates real-life sniper shooting for gamers.

The games are in high-definition graphics, making the battlefields easier to see. Cover Fire is ideal for military enthusiasts. It will take you to the battlefield, where red alerts are constant. Hospitals, railroads, helicopters, and buildings immerse users in combat zones. The zombie battle is just one of many scenarios you can toggle between at varying times. In this game, you can kill zombies by shooting them; however, survival is essential.

Skills and abilities can be used to create your assassin team. Yes, you’ll be in command of your group. You will be able to save the hostages by eliminating hitmen and guerrillas. A fantastic action game like Cover Fire also includes a regular prize function. Through which you may obtain brand-new abilities and weapons.

This offline role-playing game for Android will let you become the hero the country needs. Through this game, you’ll learn about the characteristics of various weapons, including the king and sniper rifle.



Offline RPG Games for android have been a popular genre of game for years, and the Android OS has plenty to offer in this department. We’ve narrowed down our 20 best android RPG offline, so you can enjoy these immersive adventure games without needing an internet connection or wifi signal. What’s your experience with offline RPG games for android? Do you prefer them over online ones? Let us know!

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