Best Habit Tracker App That Boost Your Daily Productivity

Have you ever wished there was a way to track your habits and stay on top of them all the time? Well, it’s your lucky day! We’ve got the thing for you: The 12 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need. These apps will revolutionize how you cultivate new habits and monitor old ones – they’ll transform you into an unstoppable habit-forming machine!

No more excuses, no more forgotten tasks or goals; these amazing apps guarantee success. With this ultimate guide in hand, you’ll be able to take charge of your life like never before and become a master at forming lasting good habits. And who knows – maybe even break some bad habits along the way too!

Whether you want to increase productivity, learn something new or stick to healthy lifestyle choices – these awesome habit-tracking apps have everything covered. So don’t hesitate any longer – let’s dive right in and explore what each one has to offer so that you can start mastering those habits today!


What Is Habit Tracking?

Creating positive habits is like unlocking the door to success. You can only achieve your goals and reach peak performance by consciously building healthy daily habits. But with so many distractions, how do you stay on track? Habit tracking offers a practical solution by helping you develop desirable routines that will stick for life.

Habit tracking is monitoring your behavior over time to identify patterns and determine if certain behaviors are beneficial or detrimental to achieving desired outcomes. Several simple habit tracker apps are available today to help people create better habits, but what makes a good one?


What Makes A Good Habit Tracking App?

Unsurprisingly, 98% of people who use habit-tracking apps stick to their goals. With the right app, it’s easier to form healthy habits and break bad ones – but with so many options, what makes an excellent habit-Routine app? To help you choose the best one for your needs, let’s look at some factors:

  • First Look Does this app allow you to sync up with your existing health data from other sources like Fitbit or Garmin?
  • That way, you can see all your information in one place. Next, consider how easily the UI allows you to add new habits and track them over time. You should be able to view progress towards goals on both an individual basis as well as part of a bigger picture.
  • Finally, are any additional features, such as gamification elements or rewards systems? Habit streaks and tips can motivate users to stay consistent with their goals!

No matter which free habit tracker app you decide on, ensure it has these key features. Otherwise, you won’t get the maximum value from it. From seamless Apple Health integration to powerful tracking tools and even built-in incentives, these are the hallmarks of great habit-tracking apps that will help ensure success on your journey towards healthier habits.

Now that we’ve explored what makes an excellent habit-tracking app let’s look at ‘Habitica’.




Habitica is like a blast of fresh air in habit-tracking apps. It’s an app that stands out from the crowd with its unique features and robust tools. This app has all you need to build habits, measure progress, take on tasks, and stay motivated day after day.

The Habitica dashboard gives you visibility into your goals by providing a detailed habit list of your goals, reviewing their scores over time, seeing which ones are forming streaks, setting reminders for upcoming tasks, and allowing timers per day so you can keep track of how much time is being spent on each one.

You also benefit from dynamic avatars to give yourself visual feedback about your progress. With such comprehensive features, it’s easy to understand why Habitica is quickly becoming one of the go-to habit-tracking apps today.

From there, it’s a simple step to Strides.



tasks and habits

Strides is a habit-tracking app that helps you stay on track with your goals like an experienced navigator. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to make sure their long-term objectives are noticed in the shuffle of tedious day-to-day tasks. With Strides, you can quickly check off individual habits and complete sets of habits toward reaching a goal. Here are some of its most appealing features:

  • A powerful to-do list to help you keep your eye on the prize
  • An approach to habit checking that allows you to set habits reminders and deadlines and track progress
  • The ability to customize each habit/goal according to difficulty level and frequency
  • Insightful analytics designed to give a clear picture of how close you are to achieving your desired outcomes

In short, Strides offers users an effective way of life by keeping tabs on their development journey without getting overwhelmed by too much detail or complexity. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it easy for beginners looking for an introduction into this area up to advanced users searching for more sophisticated solutions to find something useful.

And thanks to its comprehensive range of features, there’s no limit when setting multiple goals or creating detailed plans for attaining them. By offering a wide array of options that cater to individuals and groups alike, Strides puts itself firmly at the forefront as one of the best habit app for mastering any habit-tracking challenge. Moving onto

habit reads is one of the most popular habit-tracking apps, with over 5 million users worldwide. This collaborative habit tracker has become a go-to for individuals wanting to build better habits and complete tasks more efficiently. With its easy-to-use task icons and ability to track up to three times per day, makes it easier to stay on top of your goals. Here are some features that make this app stand out from the competition:

  • Habit Building – Track any goal in an organized way with suggested activities designed by experts.
  • Task Icon – Quickly enter what you did each day using simple icons instead of typing everything manually.
  • Complete Tasks – Get reminders when it’s time to complete tasks, so nothing slips through the cracks.

The app also offers additional features such as real-time feedback from mentors, live chat rooms, daily motivational quotes, and a rewards system to help keep you on track on your journey toward success.

Not only does provide an intuitive interface, but it also encourages collaboration between other users so they can share their experiences and advice while helping them reach their goals faster and easier.

With these powerful tools, anyone who wishes to develop healthier habits will have all the resources within reach!



build habits together

For those looking to make lasting changes in their lives, Beeminder is the ultimate choice for habit-tracking apps. Boasting a simple and efficient user interface, this app allows users to track daily tasks for success percentage with ease.

This powerful tool can be used by everyone, from novices trying to form new habits to experienced professionals seeking out higher levels of mastery.

By connecting real-life goals with personal data and statistics, Beeminder offers more than just an average productive habit tracker; it’s a comprehensive platform that helps you stay on top of your ambitions and plan for future successes. And if there are any unexpected setbacks, don’t worry.

Beeminder also has plenty of helpful resources available to get back on track quickly and keep pushing toward your dreams!

From helping individuals stay organized and focused on their long-term objectives through detailed records and analytics to providing support when things go awry – Beeminder is undoubtedly one of the best habit tracker app today.

With its intuitive design combined with the satisfaction of seeing progress made over time, it’s easy to see why so many people rely on this excellent service day after day. Looking forward, Habithub may offer more ways for users to measure their successes.



choose the best habit tracker

Habithub is a powerhouse habit-tracking app that helps users stay on top of their bad habits. It takes the often overwhelming process of checking progress and turns it into an easy-to-understand task list.

Its simple design, Habithub, makes it easier to break down tasks by time of day, type of task, or even health goals. Here are five great reasons why this popular app should be part of your daily routine:

1) Automatically track positive tasks: By setting up automated reminders for each habit you want to complete throughout the day, Habithub ensures that you don’t forget any critical tasks.

2) Track Daily activities: Whether you need to work out more regularly or eat healthier meals, Habithub allows you to set specific daily goals and track your progress over time.

3) Monitor performance in real-time: The intuitive dashboard gives users an overview of their current performance to make adjustments if needed.

4) Personalize your experience with custom filters: With customizable filters, users can zoom in on particular areas they want to focus on and get detailed insights into how they’re doing within those categories.

5) Integrate with other health app: If you’re already using a fitness tracker or dieting app like MyFitnessPal, Habithub can help bridge the gap between them and provide an all-in-one platform for monitoring your overall health and well-being.

Ultimately, what sets Habithub apart from other habit-tracking apps is its ability to break down complex goals into manageable chunks while offering real-time tools to monitor performance.

This makes it ideal for anyone looking to take control of their lives, develop better habits over time, and transition quickly into the next section. Ticktick provides another simple way to organize your life and foster productive habits.



premium version of the app

Take the case of Sarah, a young professional trying to stay on top of her health and wellness goals. With TickTick, she can easily track unlimited habits, set timed tasks with weekly challenges, and receive video game rewards for progress made. This makes it easy to motivate herself while seeing clear visual indicators reminding her how far she’s come.

TickTick offers one-touch access to adding new habits or adjusting their frequency as needed. It also includes an audio feature, so users don’t have to type out reminders – they record them!

Plus, there are options like creating shared lists with friends or family members who want to join forces in working towards common goals. And when are those goals met? Users get rewarded with badges acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

The combination of features in TickTick makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an app that helps keep them on track without feeling overwhelmed by too many bells and whistles.

The focus is always on hitting landmarks rather than being bombarded with notifications or pressure from others. For these reasons and more, TickTick is quickly becoming a popular tool among those striving to achieve success through better habit formation.



good and bad habits

It is a coincidence that you stumbled upon the Today app when searching for the best habit-tracking apps you need. This app was created to help track your progress in achieving everyday habits and repetitive tasks and help set goals with friends.

The premium plan version of this app gives users access to features like unlimited reminders, calendar sync capabilities, photo attachments, and lists with subtasks. If you purchase in-app purchases from within the app, you will also be able to unlock even more features, such as dark mode and custom themes.

TIP: To get the most out of today, consider what skills or objectives you want to achieve before diving into all the other options available by purchasing additional app features. With its simple yet powerful design, setting goals has never been easier!


Loop Habit Tracker

list of habit

Loop Habit Tracker is worth a look if you’re looking for one of the best habit-tracking apps out there. It’s available on Android smartphones and Apple Watch devices, meaning it can be easily used, no matter your device. Not only that, but its features make it great for mental health benefits – something many other habit trackers don’t offer.

Loop Habit Tracker has a UI that allows users to input their habits into physical activity or nutrition categories. This makes it easy to figure out which habits work best over any given period.

With visual indications like grids and charts, this app also gives you a clear overview of your progress in improving your lifestyle habits. Plus, with extra features like reminders and detailed stats to help keep your motivation going strong, Loop Habit Tracker can become essential in helping establish new healthy habits quickly and effectively.

The following section will discuss SnapHabit – another top-notch habit-tracking app designed specifically for iOS iPhone users.



list of habit

Done is like a powerhouse of productivity, as it offers an incredible array of features for tracking checking. It’s the perfect app for those who want to stay on top of their goals and progress in life with detailed graphs and types of free plans that can be set at any given minimum period.

Done allows users to track actual habit-forming features, such as days when they’ve achieved or failed specific objectives.

The app also provides extensive customization options so users can tailor their experience according to their needs. This includes setting reminders, logging daily tasks, monitoring long-term achievements, and more – all while motivating them along the way.

Additionally, its analytic tools provide valuable insights into user behavior so they better understand how their habits affect them over time. With these handy tools, done is sure to become an essential part of anyone’s journey towards mastering themselves. Moving on from here, let’s look at another popular habit-tracking app – Tangerine.



find a habit tracker

Snaphabit is an app that helps you form better habits. It’s a powerful tool for transforming your life and reaching goals like no other! With its horizontal bar graphs, series of questions, location-based reminders, color themes, and extra features – Snaphabit has everything you need to make habit-checking a breeze.

With Snaphabit, setting up your habits for follow-up takes minutes. You can choose from the existing list or customize one to ensure it’s tailored to your needs. The app will guide you through creating effective habits with detailed instructions and helpful tips backed by research.

Plus, all progress is synced across devices so you can stay on top of new developments in real time, no matter where you are. On top of this, plenty of additional features are available such as goal-setting tools, analytics reports, and even rewards systems to help keep motivation high while forming good habits.

In short: if you’re looking for an intuitive way to manage your daily tasks and create positive changes in your life – SnapHabit is a perfect choice!



Todoist is like a lighthouse in the dark sea of habit-tracking apps. Its bright, instantly recognizable beacon guides users toward success and accomplishments that have been eluding them for years.

habit progress

This app offers more than just simple checklists or reminders; it provides structure and dimension to their daily lives:

  • Dark modes help users focus on getting things done without distractions.
  • Simple prompts empower users to think differently about how they approach tasks.
  • Current and perfect day streaks encourage consistency while motivating over time.

The beauty of Todoist lies in its simplicity – it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge yet still allows for plenty of customization options so you can customize your experience precisely as needed.

As a result, users can easily track their progress against goals, stay organized with due dates and subtasks, and get detailed reports on performance metrics such as productivity levels and much more!

And no matter what stage of life you are at – whether you’re an aspiring student or an experienced pro – there’s something here for everyone looking to take control of their habits and improve themselves. All this combined makes Todoist one of the best habit-tracking apps today.

So if you want to make real changes in your life but need guidance along the way, look no further than Todoist – it has everything you need to succeed!



Tangerine is a solid habit-tracking app that, like the fruit itself, can provide you with some sweet benefits. It’s one of those apps you buy once and then reap the rewards for years to come. That investment makes it worth considering if you are looking for an effective way to keep track of your habits.

build healthy habits

For starters, Tangerine visually indicates how well you create good habits or break bad ones. This feature sets it apart from other standard habit-tracking apps since it provides instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t at a glance.

Additionally, the basic features associated with habit checking are all available in this app: setting goals and reminders, monitoring progress over time, etcetera. All these elements combine to make Tangerine an exceptional choice for keeping up with your desired lifestyle changes.

So why not give Tangerine a try? With its unique ability to monitor gains (or losses) instantly combined with its powerful yet straightforward approach to helping create new habits, there’s no doubt that this app could be just the thing you need to get back on track toward success!


Key Benefits Of Using Habit Tracking Apps

Suppose you’re looking to track your habits, from organizing junk food cravings to standardizing daily tasks by time. In that case, habit-tracking apps are the way to go. Not only do they provide basic functionality for checking your habits and progress over time, but there are also a host of benefits that make them an invaluable tool in helping you reach mastery in any area of life.

From improved productivity and goal realization to structure and organization – here’s why using habit-checking apps is worth it:

Improved Productivity & Goal Realization:

Having clear goals mapped out with milestones can help increase motivation and a sense of accomplishment as you work towards achieving them. With habit-checking apps, users can easily set up reminders or notifications when specific deadlines are approaching, so they don’t miss out on essential tasks.

Structure & Organization:

Many people feel overwhelmed because they lack structure and organization. A habit tracker allows users to create customized plans based on their needs and preferences. This helps keep everything organized while providing an easy way to stay on top of things like dieting, exercising, reading books, etc.

Increased Focus & Clarity:

Having all your necessary information in one convenient place eliminates distractions and lets users focus more clearly on what they need to accomplish daily. It also clarifies the most critical areas of focus within our lives, which can be helpful for those who struggle with prioritization.

With these critical benefits in mind, we can see how beneficial habit-tracking apps can be for anyone looking for a better way to manage their lives and reach their full potential. Whether you’re trying to break old habits or build new ones – investing in a good quality app will undoubtedly pay off!



Habit-tracking apps come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. Many offer a free version with basic features such as avatars and widgets. For those looking for more advanced features like group habits, RPG elements, cloud backup, check-ins, social media integration, and templates for self-care and mindfulness practices – there are premium versions available for Macs and smartphones.

Subscription plans are also available for those who want to quit smoking or track their progress over time. With these helpful tools, you can easily set reminders, track completion rates, and even share your progress with friends on social media. So why not give one of these habit-tracking apps a try today?

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