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Sheraz Durrani

techdrivepk team

Sheraz Durrani manages the techdrivepk website as a content writer. He is a seasoned executive with 16 years of experience in various industries, including OMCs, FMCG, marketing agencies, and telco operators. Sheraz earned his MBA from Hamdard University Karachi in 2001 and has held different executive positions, contributing to successful business strategies.

2002, he became a blogger, sharing his knowledge and experiences through content creation. Sheraz focuses on improving businesses’ online presence and providing valuable content to customers, covering topics such as digital marketing and career advice.

He obtained Google Cloud Digital Leader Training in 2022, expanding his expertise in cloud-based technology. Sheraz enjoys spending time with family, exploring new places, and staying up-to-date on digital trends in his free time. He also has hobbies like watching movies, cooking, and playing chess.

Email : [email protected] / LinkedIn



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