Free Live Streaming Football Apps: Watch Live 2023

As an avid football fan, I am always curious about which Free Live Streaming Football Apps will give me the best experience. People love to watch sports and get information about the results. There are many free live-streaming apps for Android and iOS, but some offer different service quality.

Live football streaming apps are becoming more and more popular. These streaming apps allow you to watch games online, even with mobile data restrictions (via the official NFL app).


Best Streaming App to Watch Live Football Matches

The list below contains a selection of the best live-streaming football apps for Android & iOS devices.


Football Live TV

Football Live TV

This software is like having a whole TV on your phone or tablet. Stream any football channel, stream live, and do other stuff for football enthusiasts with this device. Live Scores, Football Game Highlights, Soccer Tips & Daily News are just some options available.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Europe, the United States, or the United Kingdom; you can view any match or league anywhere on any device. Select the upcoming game you wish to watch, and the application will display all the relevant information about that match, including the time and location of the event.

Viewing various TV channels, including ESPN, Sky Net Sports, Bein, Silk Sports, Sports Club, Dubai Racing, Eurosport, Russian Sport, NFL Network, Pac 12, and more, is possible. Additional choices include Score Preview and Prediction.

While watching the broadcast, you can check in-game odds, standings, and betting advice. In addition, the app has a library of noteworthy films or clips from notable games that may be accessed. The Chromecast can stream football live TV streaming.


FotMob – Football live Streaming scores

free live football streaming apps for android

For Android and iOS, FotMob is a score-tracking and match-metrics app. Watching live football streams uses a lot of bandwidth; therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do so if your phone isn’t linked to WiFi. The remarkable thing is that you can watch your favorite sports events to keep up with the action. Update your knowledge of current games, watch results, and read comments using this app and the ones listed below. It may not be as exciting as watching Football, but if you’re a passionate fan, you’ll love it anyway.

Among the leagues and competitions covered by this app are the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, and the FA Women’s Super League. There are audio comments in ten different languages that you may listen to. Consider compiling a list of your favorite books, songs, or podcasts so you can focus on what interests you. To summarize, this is an excellent tool for following the results of your favorite sports teams. For the first clues on who’s scoring, download FotMob and start enjoying free Football live streaming.

 Download For  iOS


Yahoo Sports: Scores and News

free live football streaming apps for android

Yahoo’s streaming service may be a relic of a bygone era, but the search engine is still functional. You’ll first need to sign up for an account to get a personalized feed and suggestions from the app. All the newest sports news on the main page is organized by category.

You may also discover all the scores, the background of a game, and other information you couldn’t view during the game. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge in the football area, including upcoming tournament announcements, team profiles, player profiles, news, statistics, and more. It may seem like a lot at first; however, the interface is structured in a way that makes it easy to use.

There are broadcasts of every football league in the world available on Yahoo sports, along with information on every team and every player. Live sports networks are also available if you choose. Better options exist for those who want their streaming applications to be smaller and more focused.


Mobdro: Football Streaming

free live football streaming apps for android

Mobdro is a live-streaming app that you can use to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, news, and more. It’s free and easy to use. Download the app and open it to start watching. Mobdro has various features that make it unique compared to other live-streaming apps. For example, it has a “bookmark” feature to save your favorite shows and movies for easy access later.

Additionally, it offers both paid and free content. You can stream high or low-quality content depending on your internet connection speed. Lastly, Mobdro is regularly updated with new content, so you always have something new to watch. If you want to watch many sports videos, Mobdro TVfree sport has a vast video database.


365 Scores: Free Live

free live football streaming apps for android

The 365 Scores streaming app for sports allows you to follow and track your favorite teams in real-time. It lets you get all the live scores of the teams, and it also provides you with news and updates. With the 365 Scores app, you can watch live matches of your favorite teams on your mobile device. You can also get all the latest news and updates on your favorite teams. The 365 Scores app is an ideal app for all sports lovers.

Tennis, basketball, live soccer, and football, among a slew of other sports, are well-represented here. Additionally, you’ll be able to access information via live notifications, video highlights, standing, and tournament brackets. On a user-friendly platform, you can find all of these exciting items. Thanks to this app, you can see every goal within five minutes of it happening on the field. 365 scores allow you to integrate all your favorite sports networks into a single feed with customizable notifications. It is well-known for its matches and live tables, while football news is published worldwide.

 Price: Each item costs between $0.99 and $139.99.

Download Now Android



 football live streaming app

The YiPTV streaming app is one of the newer entries into the world of free live-streaming football apps. Despite its relative newcomer status, YiPTV has gained a following due to its impressive feature set.

YiPTV allows users to watch live football matches worldwide, highlights, and another related programming. In addition, YiPTV gives users information about their favorite teams and players. Finally, YiPTV is available on a wide range of devices, making it easy for fans to keep up with the latest action no matter where they are.

With several unique live feeds, it provides an appealing freemium subscription model. More than 100 live Channels are on this site, ranging from sports to entertainment to news. They’re all available for streaming. As a result, it caters to a diverse range of interests and tastes. Euronews, Bloomberg, Flight Network, BeIn Sports, and many others are among the most well-liked highlights.

To use, the service is entirely free of charge. But if you want to enjoy the pro services, it has a pricing list—annual membership: $49.99; monthly membership: $14.99.


ESPN: Free Football

 football live streaming app

ESPN, a prominent American sports channel, has released its streaming app. The app is available on both Apple and Android, allowing users to watch live sports channels. In addition, to live streams, the app also provides access to ESPN’s archives of past programming.

Another feature of the ESPN app is its integration with the WatchESPN website. This allows users with cable subscriptions to watch ESPN content on their computers or mobile devices. Finally, the ESPN app offers a “now playing” feature that recommends programs based on the user’s previous watch.

The sports broadcasting services offered by this organization are now among the best in the industry, showing thousands of live events. Currently, they’re servicing almost 100 million people in the United States each month, which is only going up. In addition to ESPN, it has ESPN2, ESPN Classic, and ESPN en Espanol. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provide in-depth analysis of various sporting events, current events, and other topics.

Price: Free,   Download Now Android


La Liga TV

 football live streaming app

You’ve probably heard of La Liga if you’re a football fan. La Liga is the top professional football league in Spain. You must download the La Liga TV streaming app to watch all the action. The app is free to download and is available on iOS and Android.

This streaming app lets you watch live football matches, highlights, and interviews. You can also customize your experience by choosing your favorite team or players. The app also has a built-in chat feature that allows you to communicate with other fans.

With this app, fans can watch all women’s soccer games on the go. As the name implies, this app gives real-time updates on news, statistics, and La Liga headlines. It works well on iOS and Android devices, allowing users a simple subscription to the premium schedule of football matches.

You may get real-time information on your favorite sports team’s matches and performance in various competitions. There’s an option to watch videos later in this app’s Watch Later section, just like YouTube. This free software takes up only a tiny amount of storage space on your phone or tablet.

Price: Free / Android



 football live streaming app

Check out this fun and engaging software from a leading developer for sports fans looking for high-quality material and various popular games. Add-ons are plentiful in this setting and easy to add to your favorites list. Playback of high-quality video and audio files is synchronized well. It’s a great way to stay current on live games, and alerts will always keep you informed.

 Price: Free



 football live streaming

Using this app, you may watch live tennis, cricket, rugby, and football matches, among other sports. Its user-friendly design is accessible to even novice users, who may get live streaming from every club match anytime. In addition to live coverage, group discussions, and match chats, SuperSport offers online access to these features.

If you cannot watch the game in real time due to conflicting commitments, this app will allow you to see the highlights later. This software also lets users track their favorite sports team and receive real-time information about its games. It also sends reminders for forthcoming football matches, including the day and time.

Price: free /Android


CBS Sports: Live Streams

 football live streaming

The CBS streaming app is great for watching your favorite sports games without purchasing cable. The app offers various viewing options, including live streaming and on-demand viewing. You can also choose between watching the game with or without commentary. In addition, the CBS app offers some great features, such as the ability to pause and rewind live games and see real-time scores and stats for all the fun you’re following.

After completing the necessary steps to download and register for this app, it will send you updates about your favorite sports team’s results, lineups, and statistics. At least eight games may be watched simultaneously and shown on one screen. In addition, you can customize the look of this app by adding a custom navigation path and putting your favorite sports at the top of the list of your favorites. In short, CBS is one of the best places to enjoy primetime Games.

Price: Free / Android



 football live streaming

FlashScore is a live-streaming football app that can be accessed for free. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. FlashScore provides live scores of football matches from all over the world. In addition, the app also offers match stats, lineups, and fixtures. Moreover, users can check out the latest news and videos related to football.

When you cannot stream games, this live football free app can supply you with all the information you need on your favorite clubs. Users may also follow live text-based commentary for favorite football matches while receiving all the relevant information. Access to 5000 contests in 30 different sports is simple with FlashScore. Instant alerts keep you up to date on match schedules.

Price: Free / Android



 football live streaming

No matter where you are in the globe, you can use the LiveScore app to keep tabs on any sporting event. Apps like this, which give users immediate access to popular sports games such as baseball, basketball, and tennis without going through a third-party app store, are popular on Android and iOS platforms.

Users love how easy it is and how well it works, even with a sluggish internet connection. It uses less data while yet delivering lightning-fast performance. Live scores from various sports leagues and events may also be accessed anytime. However, I suggest you use this software. In that case, you should have Android OS 2.0.1 or above on your phone and iOS 8 or later on your iPhone or iPad if you enjoy live football streaming.


Live Football TV

Free Live Streaming Football Apps

One of the most powerful applications for watching live football matches when there is no television around is Live Football Tv in 2022. This is the mobile app. Users may watch UEFA Euro 2020, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, and the FA Cup, as well as the World Cup, with this app. Football games are streamed in High definition without any interruptions or hiccups. There may be additional languages accessible, which would improve the experience. Additionally, several users have claimed that it is overloaded with advertisements.

Price: Free / Android


Fubo TV

Free Live Streaming Football Apps

To watch sporting events, you may also use the Fubo TV application. Sports-focused live TV streaming service includes:

  • The best leagues and teams and popular series.
  • Movies.
  • News for the whole family.

The Fubo TV app provides access to over 100 channels on a regular subscription, including ESPN, CBS Sports, NFL Network, CBS, ABC, and more. Despite this, you’ll have to pay to use the app. At the low end, the Family Plan costs as little as $64.9 monthly for 115 channels, 250 hours of cloud-based DVR, and three simultaneous streams.

 The video downloader for the chrome add-on may be used to store videos offline if Fubo TV is buffering when viewing online.

Download Android


Sky Sports Android

Sky Sports

Football is one of the many sports aired by Sky Sports, which includes channels for other sports. The complete football channel provides live broadcasts of football games and other association football matches. One of the finest free football apps in 2022 is expected to feature NFL, UEFA EURO, and other live football events.

The Sky Sports app also delivers up-to-date football information, including scores, stats, and highlights. Download the free Sky Sports Live Football app and sign in with your Sky ID to watch live football on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. Sky Sports is one of the best Free Live Streaming Football apps available.

Price: Free / Android


Ustream (IBM Watson Media)

Ustream (IBM Watson Media)

Ustream is not a specific free live football streaming app but a general-purpose video player that can play videos from around the world, whether current or recent. However, there are live or impending events on the football channel. You may use a medium to plan and keep track of your football commitments.

In addition, you may use Ustream to broadcast a football game live or upload previously recorded films to Ustream to share with others. Everyone can participate in the live chat during the program. Ustream’s free service includes adverts; however, a premium subscription, beginning at $3.99/month, removes all the in-video and display advertisements.



Sports leagues, the BBC, Spotify, and other organizations make their events available via Livestream. The service may stream them all. Explore and watch your favorite free live football events, or follow your preferred broadcasters to get alerts for new games.

You can stream live football events using the cameras built into your mobile devices. As a result, you may use your iPhone or iPad to stream your GoPro footage. Facebook, Twitter, Livestream, and other services allow viewers to see your HD live video. Download this free software to watch live soccer matches on your iOS or Android device anytime and wherever you want.




Is it necessary to you to have a wide range of channels, particularly sports ones? What you require is StarTimes! Football matches from many leagues, including Bundesliga, champions league, Serie A, Ghana Premier League, FIFA/ICC/Ligue 1, and Ligue 1, maybe watched using it.

In addition to this, the ability to view amazing videos online on even more than 400 channels gives you an app that doesn’t limit you. Because there are so many options, you can find something new every day. Please follow these instructions to receive personalized suggestions each day. In addition to the live broadcast, you may read up on the latest happenings in football.

Suppose you’re worried about forgetting about a big football match. In that case, you may set a reminder, and the app will notify you before the game begins. As a side note, you’ll receive alerts for the most crucial upcoming football matches. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can always turn to your smartphone’s mini-TV!

Download Now Android


TorAlarm – Football Scores

TorAlarm - Football Scores

The most up-to-date football app in England! You can follow the Premier League on your phone and keep track of all the scores and results. Download our app for free, select the clubs you want to follow, and you will never miss a goal scored in any of Europe’s major leagues. You can also watch live coverage of every cup competition and every international football tournament. This includes the Championship. GoalAlert is simple and does not include convoluted or distracting gimmicks.

Download Now Android


Why Must I use a Streaming App to watch Sports and Football?

The streaming apps will allow you to watch the game live and in real-time. You can pause, rewind, or return to the video without any buffering problems. The streaming apps are suitable for watching sports and other types of videos, such as movies and series.


People Also Ask

Why Do I Need a VPN Connection to Watch Football Games?

A VPN connection is needed to access geo-restricted content because some countries restrict access to their TV channels. For example, all your favorite channels are blocked if you are from Australia or America. So it would be difficult for you to enjoy these channels even if they were available in your country of residence due to geo-restrictions imposed by those governments. A VPN service allows you to secure online access to those channels anywhere in the world, including Australia, America, and many other countries where live sports broadcasts are unavailable due to Geo-restrictions imposed by local governments.

Are Sports Streaming Sites Legal?

Each state is different, but you can generally watch any game on TV. If a match isn’t on TV in your area, check to see if it’s available online or through the service of your provider. If so, you can stream it without issue.

Paid services are legal because the government does not license them and don’t provide video streams directly to viewers. You’ll still need an antenna for local channels and a cable subscription. But there’s no copyright infringement here as long as you have all the necessary rights to watch the games (and pay for them).


Sports fans will appreciate the convenience of having a free football live-streaming app on their device that allows them to access different video content. There are many best football streaming apps to watch live football stream. Please tell us which free sports or live football TV apps you prefer in the comments. 

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