17 Best City Building Games Android 2023

City builder games are a great way to pass the time and get creative. Players can construct their cities from the ground up, managing resources and creating unique structures. Android users have a great selection of city building games on the Google Play Store. We put together 17 of the best city builder games Android phones and tablets, each offering various features and challenges.

The list includes popular titles such as SimCity BuildIt, Township, Megapolis, City Island 5: Tycoon Building Simulation Offline Game, and many more. Each game offers a unique take on City building with different objectives and goals. Players can build their cities from scratch or customize existing ones with various structures and ornaments. Players can also manage resources like money, population growth, taxes, pollution levels, and more with these games to create a thriving metropolis. Whether you’re looking for a casual experience or something more complex and challenging, there’s sure to be something on this list that will fit your needs.



HandyGames’ Townsmen is a medieval city building game that allows players to establish their kingdom from the ground up. Players must manage resources, production chains, and natural disasters starting with a small village to create a thriving kingdom. The game is available on both iOS and Android, making it accessible to all types of gamers.

build up a town

The game offers an immersive experience as players are tasked with creating an economy from scratch. Players must manage resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold to place structures and expand their kingdom. As the player progresses through the game, they will face challenges such as natural disasters, which can destroy their world if not appropriately managed. Townsmen also feature various characters that can be recruited to help maintain the kingdom and provide additional services for citizens. With its engaging theme and captivating visuals, Townsmen will provide hours of entertainment for strategy fans everywhere.


The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out by EA Mobile is an action-packed city building game with plenty of comedic charm. This game is available to play on both iOS and Android platforms. Players are tasked with rebuilding Springfield, finding all the characters, and returning them to their families. Once they have been reunited, players can customize how they look to fit the style of their new town.

manage the city

Once all the characters are in place, players can start the construction of Springfield and expand it as they go along. They can pile businesses, construct structures, and even add decorations to make their town look unique. Players can unlock new content, such as special events and exclusive items, as they progress through the game. The Simpsons: Tapped Out offers hours of fun for fans of The Simpsons franchise and those who enjoy city building games.


Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile game plan developed by Supercell for both iOS and Android. The game combines tower defense, strategy, and resource management elements to create an immersive experience. Players are tasked with building their fantasy town from the ground up, with defensive structures such as walls and towers. As they progress through the game, players can upgrade their structure, add traps, and build up an army to protect their loot from other players who may try to attack them.

building simulation game

The game has been around since 2012 and has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. It has a vibrant community of players who interact with each other in-game or on social media platforms like Reddit or Discord. Clash of Clans also offers regular updates that keep the game fresh and exciting for millions of worldwide players. With its strategic console and engaging storyline, it’s no wonder why so many people have spent countless hours playing this classic mobile title.


Snow Town – Ice Village World

It is an exciting new city-building simulation game for Android. Players can build their unique snow town from the ground up, with various ornaments and details. The game requires players to create roads to connect structures and parks to keep citizens happy and a good flow as they expand their City.

great building

The game also features a modern take on city construction, with various challenges that require strategic planning and resource management. Players must manage resources such as money, food, energy, and more to build their dream snow town. They can also customize their town by choosing different places and ornaments that fit their style. With its immersive graphics and engaging theme, Snow Town – Ice Village World is sure to provide hours of fun for all ages!


Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is a mobile game plan developed by Lilith Games for iOS and Android. It is set in a fantasy world where players must build their kingdom, recruit powerful commanders, and battle against enemies to gain control of the land. The game features an expansive map with multiple civilizations to explore and various resources to collect and use. Players can also join alliances with other players to form powerful coalitions and take on even more challenging opponents.

expand the city

The game offers a variety of different strategies that can be used to achieve victory. Players can choose from a wide selection of commanders, each with unique abilities and specialties. They must also manage their resources carefully to build up their cities and armies while engaging in diplomatic negotiations with other civilizations. With its deep strategic gameplay, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade provides an immersive experience that keeps players entertained for hours.



DomiNations is a strategy game developed by Big Huge Games for iOS and Android . In this game, players are tasked with building up their nation from the ground up while defending it against rival nations. Players can choose from famous civilizations from history to build their nation, such as the Romans, Greeks, and Chinese. As they progress through the game, they must think strategically about defending their nation best while expanding it.

building your city

Players must construct farms and barracks to create resources and train troops. They can also research new technologies that will help them in battle or give them an edge over their opponents. Additionally, players can join alliances with other players to gain access to more powerful units and strategies. DomiNations is an exciting game plan that requires players to think carefully about how they build up their nation to survive against rival nations!


City Island

This best game puts you in the shoes of a mayor tasked with raising a small island into a bustling city. You start with some gold and money and must use it to construct houses, businesses, and other sites to attract citizens. As your dream City grows, you can upgrade existing structures to make them more efficient and attractive.

free city building

The game also features many different challenges that keep the gameplay interesting. You’ll have to face off against pirates who are trying to plunder your resources and complete various quests that will reward you with rewards such as coins or experience points. City Island also offers plenty of customization options for players to create unique cities. With its vibrant visuals and engaging theme, City Island is sure to provide hours of entertainment for all types of gamers!


My Idle City

It’s the perfect game for those who want to build their City without having to monitor it constantly. As the player of My Idle City, your goal is to amass a fortune by developing your city’s economy through various means. This will help grow the wealth of you and the people living there.

city manager

My Idle City has an intuitive interface and is full of features that make it a fun, engaging game. Wait for the money to come in, or play with friends to get a boost! Plus, customize your City by adding ornaments, structures, and more. With My Idle City, you can create the perfect City from the ground up – hours of entertainment await!


Forge of Empires

It is a city-building game developed by InnoGames for iOS, Android, and Facebook. It is a strategy game that takes players through different periods, from the Stone Age to modern times. Players must build up their empires while adapting to the changing environment.

one of the best city-building

The challenge in Forge of Empires lies in the adaptation process. Players must think strategically to make it through each period and keep their territory alive long enough to reach modern times and discover new technologies. They can upgrade their structure, research new technologies, and expand their cities with new structures as they progress. The ultimate goal is to create a federation that will stand the test of time and become a powerful force in the world.


SimCity Buildit

It is a game developed by EA Mobile for iOS and Android. It is a casual, simulation, and strategy game that allows players to become real estate tycoons. Players are free to build their towns without many restrictions or roadblocks.

city simulation

In this game, players must manage all aspects of their virtual City, from constructing structures to providing services such as electricity and water. They must also care for the citizens’ needs by providing jobs and entertainment. There’s also a multiplayer mode where you can battle other players online. With its vibrant visuals and engaging gameplay, SimCity BuildIt will provide hours of fun for those who enjoy city building games.



Megapolis is a simple strategy and time management game developed by Social Quantum for iOS and Android devices. It puts players in the role of city planners, as they must create a bustling metropolis based on the rules of the market. Players must carefully consider their decisions when constructing structure and infrastructure, as missteps can lead to disastrous consequences.

virtual city playground

In addition to the challenge of raising a thriving city, Megapolis also offers players the chance to show off their creations with various contests. Players can also build up their military forces to protect their towns from attacks or launch attacks against other cities. With its combination of strategic planning and exciting combat elements, Megapolis will provide hours of entertainment for all gamers.


Village City Island Simulation

Village City Island Simulation is an iOS and Android game that puts you in charge of a tiny village. You must look after your town, ensuring people have good jobs and lives. An advisor will help you out by telling you what your people need and how to help them out. Plus, there are missions to complete and adventures to get access to!

little big city

The game has a lot of polish and joy, making it a fun experience for all ages. You can build your village with houses, shops, parks, and more. As the village’s mayor, you must ensure everything runs smoothly while keeping your citizens happy. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, Village City Island Simulation will keep you entertained for hours!


Designer City

Designer City is an innovative game that allows players to create beautiful cities. Players are tasked with constructing homes, skylines, and other structures that people will want to purchase. The goal is to make own City attractive enough to attract new residents and keep existing ones happy. To do this, players must carefully plan the City’s layout, considering local amenities such as parks, schools, and shopping centers.

city building games android

The game also encourages creativity by allowing players to customize their places with unique designs and ornaments. This adds a personal touch to each City and makes it stand out from the rest. Additionally, Designer City offers a variety of challenges that test players’ problem-solving skills while they build their cities. With its combination of strategic planning and creative design elements, Designer City will provide hours of fun for anyone looking for a unique city building experience!


The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based master plan developed by Midjiwan for iOS, Android, and Steam. Tribal groups battle it out to see who will rule the globe. Players take control of one tribe and must build up their map, discovering tiles that can be used to their advantage. Resources are scattered around the map and must be collected to discover new technologies and help fight off enemies.

android city building games

Players must use strategic thinking to outwit their opponents as they battle for dominance over the land. There are a variety of challenges available in the game for players to take on as they progress. There are also several different tribes available, each with unique abilities and strengths that can be used in battle. With its vibrant visuals and engaging theme, The Battle of Polytopia will provide hours of entertainment for strategy fans everywhere.


Tropic Paradise Sim

Tropic Paradise Sim is a game that allows you to create your paradise city. You will be able to build resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other attractions across several islands to attract tourists from all over the world. As you plan out your City, you must consider the services you can provide for your visitors. You can choose from various structures and ornaments to make your destination unique and attractive.

best city building games android

The game also offers a variety of challenges that you must complete while progressing through the game. These challenges range from raising specific structures within a certain time limit or reaching a certain number of visitors. As you progress through the game, new islands become available to explore and build upon. With each island comes new opportunities for growth and development and more challenging tasks that require strategic planning to succeed. Tropic Paradise Sim game is the perfect way for anyone who loves city-building simulations to create their tropical paradise!


Rise of the Roman Empire

It is an exciting game for anyone 10 years older. You will take on the role of an emperor tasked with restoring a settlement to its former glory. As you progress through the game, you must fortify your town against raids from pirates and barbarians. You’ll also have to manage resources, build structures, and make strategic decisions to ensure your settlement’s success.

city of your dreams

The game needs to be more historically accurate, but it does capture the essence of Rome’s rise to power. You’ll be able to experience what it was like to lead a powerful empire as you work towards restoring your settlement. With no rewards for playing daily, Rise of the Roman Empire offers an immersive experience that allows players to explore their strategies without worrying about time limits or rewards.


Global City: Build and Harvest

Global City: Build and Harvest is a game everyone can enjoy without spending much money. It features a confusing airport module, but the graphics are some of the highest quality in its genre. Players must establish mines and infrastructure to bring their commodities to market, which will help their town grow. Resources are crucial to success in this game, just like in real life.

dream city

Players must manage resources carefully and strategically to build up their City. They must also ensure they have enough resources to keep their City running smoothly. The airport module adds an extra layer of complexity as players must figure out how to get goods from one place to another efficiently and effectively. With careful planning and resource management, players can watch their City thrive and become a global powerhouse!


Final Thoughts

The world of mobile gaming has come a long way in the last few years, and city building games have become some of the most popular titles on the market. With so many great options, it can take time to decide which is correct. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best city building games Android in 2023. From classic favorites like SimCity to more modern takes on the genre like Township, there’s something here for everyone.

These android city building games are for you if you want an engaging and immersive experience. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting with mobile gaming, these titles will provide hours of entertainment. And if you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and reviews, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Join us on the high ground as we explore all that mobile gaming offers in 2023!


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sheraz Durrani

Sheraz is a tech enthusiast and Digital Nomad passionate about creating engaging content that informs and engages his readers. With a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Google Cloud certification, Sheraz specializes in Microsoft Office, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac technologies.

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