6 Best Digital Scale Apps for iphone in 2023

Are you looking for the best digital scale apps for iPhone? Well, we have just what you need! These handy tools allow you to weigh any small things or larger objects easily. No more searching for a physical weighing scale – use your iPhone to get accurate readings instantly.

These apps are straightforward, providing users with an intuitive interface requiring minimal effort. Plus, they’ll save you time and money too! So why wait? Get ahead of the game and discover the top digital scale apps for iPhone today!


Truck Scale Calculator

If you’re a truck driver, weighing your load is essential. But keeping track of the weight data of your axles and entire rig manually can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s why digital scale apps for iPhone are such an invaluable resource.

real working scale

Truck Scale Calculator is one such best app offering fantastic benefits to truckers. This powerful load scale app helps drivers accurately record the weight of their vehicle and each axle quickly, with just a few taps on their smartPhone.

Plus, it saves all weight scale history logs, so users never have to worry about losing data or starting from scratch every time they weigh their rigs!

With this dynamic tool, truckers will no longer need to waste precious minutes struggling with manual scales to determine how much cargo they’re hauling. Instead, they can easily access accurate measurements within seconds.


Right Weigh Load Scale App iOS

It is a fantastic app that offers truck drivers and owners a great way to save time and monitor their vehicle’s load. With the Right Weigh Bluetooth scale app, you can easily track your vehicle weight at any given time and share tracking information and alerts with just a few clicks of your phone.

digital scale simulator app

This app also allows users to accurately measure tractor and trailer axle group weights, logging all the data with GPS location for easy identification.

You can even send multiple or individual data points via email, text, or .csv file, making it easier to stay on top of your vehicle’s performance. From saving time and money to improving safety, Right Weight Load will become your go-to tool when managing your fleet!


True Scale Free

The digital weighing scale app market is an ever-evolving space. It’s a bustling metropolis where the newest and most innovative apps constantly battle to meet users’ needs. True Scale Free is one of these contenders – and it packs quite a punch!

It offer users many features they won’t find in other weight scale estimator apps. For Apple Health followers, there’s no need to worry about finding another tool for tracking your progress: this free app integrates with Apple health seamlessly.

Not only that, but you can access all the data from any device connected to the internet. This kind of convenience makes this app stand out among its peers.

But aside from being user-friendly and offering great integration options, what sets True Scale Free apart is its commitment to accuracy and precision.

You can rest easy knowing that every measurement taken by this digital weighing scale app will be accurate within 0.2 pounds or 0.1 KG—perfect for those who want detailed records of their fitness journey without relying on manual scales or guesswork measurements!

And best of all? There’s no cost associated with using it, making it ideal for budget-conscious individuals looking for reliable ways to track their progress without breaking the bank.


Happy Scale Weight Loss Tracker

Happy Scale is an iPhone app that makes weight loss tracking more accessible and efficient. It’s a comprehensive weight-tracking tool designed to help you reach your goals most effectively. Here are four reasons why it stands out from other apps:

digital scale grams apps

1. It helps you set realistic, achievable weight goals – The app allows you to set custom weekly weigh-in reminders to stay on track with your progress toward your goal weight. You can also customize the frequency of these reminders for maximum convenience.

2. It tracks all of your data – The app uses Body Fat Percentage (BFP) to accurately measure how much fat and lean body mass is in your body composition. This information provides valuable insight into whether or not what you’re doing is helping you lose weight.

3. It has powerful visual analytics – With its visually intuitive graphs, charts, and tables, Happy lets you easily understand where exactly you stand compared to your previous weigh-ins and overall weight goal over time.

4. It keeps you motivated – It delivers motivating messages whenever certain milestones are reached and helpful tips to keep up the excellent work!

Overall, It is a handy iOS app that goes above and beyond to ensure users get the best results possible while keeping them accountable throughout their journey toward achieving their desired body weight and figure goals. Whether it’s monitoring BFP levels or just needing some motivation after each weigh-in, this app will be there with support every step of the way! Why Wait? Download it from the app store.


Forbes Weighing Scale

The following digital scale app for iPhone is Forbes Weighing Scale. This app provides an easy and accurate way to track and make sense of weight in the context of health goals.

digital scale connection

With its intuitive interface, you can easily connect a Bluetooth-enabled smart scale to your iPad or Apple watch and have your current weight automatically updated each time you step on the Scale.

The built-in weight converter makes that process seamless if you need to convert between different measurement units (such as kilograms and pounds).

As mentioned earlier, App also allows users to input their personal information, such as height and age, which helps them accurately calculate metrics like body mass index (BMI).

Furthermore, this app also has features that enable users to set up weekly reminders that prompt them to weigh themselves regularly- an excellent tool for anyone trying to maintain or lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise.

Finally, the D Touch feature gives people tactile feedback when they reach their target weight, providing further motivation towards achieving desired results.


Touch Scale

Do you ever feel your pockets need more significance to fit the old-fashioned analog Scale that helps you measure items? If so, then a touch scale is just what you need.

This digital device can measure anything from grams to ounces quickly and accurately – no bulky scales needed! Here’s why it’s worth investing in one:

1. Grams Digital Scale App – You no longer have to rely on an inaccurate analog scale to get precise measurements of food or other items. A digital app will provide reliable scale readings every time.

2. Digital Scale Simulator – Measurement accuracy is critical with any kitchen project, whether baking or cooking something special for dinner. Users can test their skills with a simulator before using natural ingredients at home.

3. Scale App Estimator – Not sure how much sugar or flour to add to a recipe? A handy estimator feature within the app makes it easy to determine amounts based on desired results and item sizes.

4. Visual Scale – Tired of having to guess quantities by eye? This App allows users to view measurements directly on the screen instead of relying solely on numbers which may be difficult to interpret correctly.

This technology has revolutionized how people weigh objects at home, making it easier to achieve precision while working in the kitchen or elsewhere around the house. No more struggle with heavy weights or guessing games; these devices simplify the weight of objects!


Is it Possible to Use an iPhone as a Scale?

Using an iPhone as a scale estimator with the right apps and accessories is possible. There are no dedicated iPhone weighing scales, but digital scales can be used with a phone to measure items such as food or jewelry.

The scales connect to the phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and come with an app that allows you to track the weight over time and protect privacy practices. An accessory such as a carrying case or platform must securely attach to the phone’s sensors to ensure accurate measurement. Once set up correctly, digital scales can be used just as much as traditional analog ones.



The possibilities of using your iPhone as a scale are endless! With the above apps, you can use your phone to measure whatever you need.

It’s almost like an allegory for the modern age; we are so connected to our phones that they have become part of us in ways we couldn’t even imagine before. So why not make them do more? Your phone has already revolutionized how you live your life – now it can help with everyday tasks like weighing things too.

iPhones have come a long way since their debut over 10 years ago. And because of that progress, you no longer need to buy separate scales – download one of these digital scale apps and get measuring! Who knows what new features will be available next year or five years from now?

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