14 Best Digital Scale App For Android 2023

Are you looking to track your weight accurately and quickly? If so, an Android digital scale app is the perfect solution. With a single tap of your finger, these apps allow you to monitor weight conveniently from any location.

But with so many Best digital scale apps for Android out there, how can you be sure which one best suits your needs? I’ve compiled this guide on the free digital scale app for Android devices. Herein, we’ll discuss each top-rated app’s features and benefits that make it stand out.

Whether you’re serious about losing or gaining weight or want to stay informed of your health stats, having access to a reliable digital scale app is essential. So let’s dive in and explore what makes up some of the most popular digital scale apps!


Kitchen Scale App

If you want to improve your cooking skills, the kitchen scale app is where it’s at. Smart scales and visual scales make scaling recipes easy without any math involved. With a digital scale grams app, measuring the exact weight amounts of ingredients and spices takes mere seconds.


phone scale apps

Exclusively designed for Android users, the Kitchen Scale-Free app makes ingredient measurement convenient. This ultimate kitchen mate lets you accurately calculate salt, sugar, pepper, and flour with accuracy. It’s like having a dependable weights-and-measures device right in your pocket! Home cooks who follow recipes precisely or expert chefs who love experimenting can benefit from this tool.

Plus, weight measurements let you create custom settings for delicate phone screens. Need only scant amounts of sugar? Just adjust the measure through the digital scale app. They offer ease, convenience, and accuracy – no wonder they’re so popular among kitchen users. Here are just some of the great features:

  1. Measurement customization
  2. Precise calculations
  3. Quick and easy scaling
  4. Convenient ingredient tracking


Scale Estimator

Scale Estimator is an extraordinary digital scale app that allows you to measure the weight of objects up to 100 grams in no time! It’s effortless and intuitive to use, with a user interface so accurate that you can weigh items using just one coin and a plastic bag.


average scale

Simply blow up your bag, place it on a flat surface, insert the coin, and get a precise reading from Scale Estimator’s graph – allowing you to estimate weights before buying or using them! This fantastic free app offers unparalleled accuracy and convenience; you don’t need expensive gadgets or regular scales to get reliable results.

You only need one coin and a plastic bag for accurate measurements quickly and easily – perfect for people worldwide who use different measurement systems. With its quick yet precise estimating of materials, Scale Estimator is an excellent tool for estimating weight!


Digital Scale-Free: Weight Estimator Simulator

Digital Scale, a weight estimator simulator, makes measuring small objects with your mobile easy and convenient. This Android app is designed to help you weigh small things in grams, lb, kg, or Oz with accuracy and ease so that you can estimate the weight of almost anything handy instantly.

analog scale

In addition to providing a reliable platform to check the weight of mini-sized items during daily life, this app lets you show off your skills among friends and family.

With Digital Scale’s innovative weighing technology, you enjoy hassle-free managing all your weighing operations on your phones. There are also multiple ways to use this app for complex measurements too.

All you have to do is set up a tolerance range when entering values to convert the value from the acceptable margin of error between two figures into equivalent weights. The digital scale free weight estimator thus helps you accurately estimate weights for even the tiniest objects, such as coins or grains.

Additionally, its intuitive design provides user-friendly interfaces for easily tracking down results and quickly sharing them with colleagues from anywhere worldwide!


Precision Digital Scale

The Precise Digital Scale is a free Android app that provides accurate weight calculations for small objects. It utilizes the efficiency of your phone’s accelerometer to give precise results. It considers the slightest difference and can detect even the most minor change in the weight of objects placed on top.

scale app estimator

To use the app, you must gently place an object on top of your phone or tablet, and you will instantly get an approximation of its weight. However, it is vital to take care while placing an object on your screen as sudden movement may damage it, affecting accuracy.

For best efficiency, proper calibration is required with this digital scale app. It can be a great way to measure the weight of various small items at home or anywhere else if used correctly and carefully. Download the Precise Digital Scale now and start measuring weights with accuracy.


Digital Scale Simulator

The Digital Scale Simulator Adfree app for Android devices is a fantastic and free way to measure small items precisely. With this app, you can measure the estimated weight of an object in different units of measurement based on its mass and volume.


digital weight scale app

This makes it ideal for travel, hobbyists, accuracy works, or any time you’re weighing or measuring something small where accuracy is essential. You can also trick your friends with the results given by this great simulator!

The Digital Scale Simulator Adfree is easy to use and has features like adjustable rounding up or down increments. Additionally, the user-friendly interface will simplify understanding and operating the scale quickly and efficiently. Download it now and start measuring the accurate weights of small objects while having tons of fun with your friends!


Working Scale Free

The Working Scale is a free Android app that lets users conveniently measure the mass of small objects. This application uses your device sensors to determine the weight of the item being measured accurately. Generally, it has a minimum mass measurement of up to 5 grams and can offer readings ranging between 10 and 100 grams.

digital scale application

When using this app, specific steps need to be followed for precise results.

  1. Place your Android device on a springy surface like a carpet or sofa cushion. You can also place your phone in a slightly inflated plastic bag for better accuracy.
  2. Put a piece of paper towel in the region where the intended object will be placed.
  3. Press the “Start button” and await further instructions from the device.
  4. Finally, place your calibration mass/item on it for an accurate measurement reading.

With these simple steps, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of this fantastic app – “Accuracy at its finest!”


Super Scale Free Digital Scales

The Super Scale Free Digital Scales Android app is ideal for weighing small objects without additional equipment. This app utilizes the phone’s sensors to accurately measure the things placed on them.

actual scale

With this app, users can avoid using plastic bags or coins in their weighing process, which can add up and make things more complicated or inaccurate. The measurement results depend on the procedure executed through your phone; the better you use it, the more accurate results you obtain.

Although you may opt for the Superscale Pro version if you’re looking for even more accuracy and precision, with just Super Scale Free Digital Scales, any tiny object can be measured with great success.

Overall, Super Scale offers a convenient way for those who need access to traditional scales or weighbridges to measure small objects. With its ease-of-use features and high measurements, this will quickly become one of your favorite apps in no time. This application is free, so anyone can download it and benefit from its high-quality services.


3 Grams Digital Scales App With Weight Converter

It is a great digital scale app for Android users. It’s simple to use and comes with various features, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to measure weight on their phone screen accurately.

digital scale connection

The best app provides measurements in grams and ounces and other units of importance, such as carats and grains. Plus, you can customize your settings to get an exact size every time.

Its weight converter feature sets Grams apart from another digital weighing scale. This allows you to quickly convert between different types of weights without making any calculations yourself – saving you time and effort.

And suppose you’re willing to pay a few dollars more. In that case, the app also offers additional features like auto-calibration and custom presets. So no matter what measuring device you have, Grams has covered you!


Scale In Grams Simulator Joke

The Scale in Grams Simulator Joke is an incredibly unique app allowing users to weigh objects on the phone’s screen. This Android-based weight checker can measure up to 999 grams quickly and accurately, making it a fun and convenient way to share the cool technology with family and friends.


precise measurement

Before starting, users must lay a thin sheet or napkin on their phones to protect themselves from accidental damage. After all, no one wants a broken screen! With the items placed carefully onto their phone screen, all that remains is to open the app and find out its precision.

Scale in Grams Simulator Joke makes it easy to impress and entertain family members with your new digital scale skills! Download now and show everyone how great this incredible tech is.


Weight Scale Simulator Prank

The Weight scale simulator prank is a must-have for Android and iphone users. It’s the perfect tool for measuring the approximate weight of any object, thanks to its pressure sensor that ensures accuracy.

weight readings

Plus, if your phone doesn’t support weight measurement, it has a bonus – a default joke setting to make using it even more fun.

Not to mention, this app is surprisingly lightweight, considering its features! And with its user-friendly interface, everyone can easily use it without needing any special hardware or software; just an enabled smartphone with an in-built pressure sensor or digital gram app installed will get the job done quickly and accurately.


Metal Weight Calculator Android

The Metal Weight Calculator is a handy Android application that provides a streamlined, easy-to-use experience. It makes light work of estimating the weight of metal objects by allowing users to enter the relevant dimensions and select the material type for their thing.


basic scale

The application will then run its robust algorithm to calculate and display an estimate for its weight accurately. To take full advantage of this feature, users must ensure they’ve entered more detailed weight data such as shape, diameter, thickness, and even color (if relevant). Once complete, the app can offer highly accurate results that make it well-suited to home or commercial use.

The ability to produce weight estimations in such a time-effective manner is just one example of how this tool has become among the most popular in its category on the Google Play Store.

Aside from being inexpensive and easy to access, Metal Weight Calculator offers far greater accuracy than manual processes relying solely on physical measurement devices or complex formulas. This precision and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable asset for anyone involved in commerce or manufacturing – saving valuable time without compromising results.


Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

The Smart Chef Smart Food Scale Android application has revolutionized how people approach to meal preparation and weight management. From helping you measure ingredients accurately to tracking nutrition and calorie intake, this digital food scale has everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


LED display

Smart Chef Smart Food Scale provides a weigh-in feature that allows you to accurately measure weight with just a few taps on your device. It also comes with over 25 features, including measuring cups and gram scales, which allow you to quickly convert measurements or determine the calorie content of what’s in a dish.

In addition, the app uses Bluetooth scale technology to connect wirelessly to the scale, meaning that whatever food you put on it will be measured immediately. This application is incredibly efficient and eliminates the need for additional setup steps or cumbersome calculations so that users can focus on what matters most: cooking delicious meals and tracking their nutrition!


Gold Density

larger objects

This app is here for all your gold-weighing needs! You’ll always come out with a reliable weight with the density method. And if you’re looking to sell or buy gold, this app’s got you covered – whether in converting ounces to weight or vice versa. So say goodbye to all your gold-weighing woes, and say hello to spectacular accuracy!


OkOk International

Are you looking for the best digital scale app? Look no further than OKOK·International. This body fat scale is designed to help users track their health and fitness goals accurately and conveniently. It’s equipped with advanced technology that provides accurate scale readings in seconds.

built-in pressure sensor

The happy scale feature allows users to better understand their progress over time, so they can stay motivated and reach their goals faster. This smart Scale has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, even for those new to tracking their health and wellness data.

The app also features automated reminders to take essential measurements regularly, such as after working out or losing weight. In addition, the Sportneer Smart Scale has a True Scale function which helps calculate your actual body weight accurately, providing more precise results than other scales on the market today.

With its comprehensive features, OKOK·International offers everything you need in a digital scale app – from precision readings to long-term monitoring tools – all wrapped into one convenient package.



I’ve gone through the best digital scale apps available for Android, and it is clear that some great options are out there. Whether you want to measure the weight of food, gold, or any other item, these apps can help you with incredible correctness and accuracy.

The best part about all of them is that they provide an effortless experience – from easy setup to simple navigation. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or training to use these scale Apps – anyone can get started in no time! Each app provides unique features and tools that make it stand out.

If I had to pick one digital scale app for Android above all others, it would have to be Smart Chef Smart Food Scale. It’s simply the most fantastic tool ever created for quickly and accurately measuring kitchen ingredients worldwide! This great app has revolutionized cooking everywhere with its accurate readings and ease of use. No matter what kind of kitchen you run, this app will take your culinary skills to new heights with every dish you create!

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