How to Do a Screenshot On a Dell Laptop?

Looking for how to do a screenshot on a dell laptop? On a Dell laptop, many methods exist to take a screenshot and save it to a file. Pressing the Prt Scn key on the keyboard is one option. The quickest way is to use the Windows 10 taskbar and hit the PrtScn button. A third way is to use the Dell Printer Screenshot feature. The last way is to use a desktop app like Snipping Tool or Screen Capture for Mac.


What Exactly is a Screenshot?

It doesn’t matter what you name it; a screenshot is a snapshot of what you see on your desktop. It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of screenshots in today’s digital world. As long known, a picture is worth a thousand words, and screenshots are a perfect example of that truth.

Imagine you’d want some input from your coworkers on the new web page you created. It’s also possible that you’d like them to glance at the flyer you’ve created. Colleagues might look and note down any modifications or enhancements that could be made. It’s also an option to provide screenshots with annotations indicating where changes should be made.

In contrast, the latter approach would be easier and more efficient. When submitting a bug report, having a few screenshots is helpful. IT or Web Support teams may request a screenshot if you report a problem.

If you provide a screenshot, it’s much easier for the support team to figure out what’s wrong and how to repair it. But wait, there’s more. Suppose you’re writing a guidebook for your employees. You only need to snap a few screenshots to demonstrate the process.

You don’t need to write long text when you can highlight and annotate your pictures to help them along the way. It’s worth noting that taking a screenshot is a fantastic tool for both personal and business applications. Check out this guide to learn how to take screenshots on a Dell laptop or desktop computer if you don’t know how.


How to SS on Dell Laptop

How to SS on Dell Laptop

Taking a screenshot is a simple process. Taking screenshots on your Dell desktop is as simple as tapping the Print Screen key. We’ll show you where to look for that windows key so you can take screenshots.


On Your Dell Keyboard, locate the Print Screen Key.

It is unnecessary to utilize a third-party tool to snap screenshots on a Dell computer running Windows 10. The built-in screenshot features in Windows 10 may be used to capture your screen. By hitting Print Screen on your keyboard, we mean this.

To print the screen, use the Print Screen key in the keyboard’s upper-right corner (next to the Function keys.) If it doesn’t work, try looking through the list of the Function key.

The F10 key is the most common location for this function. Alt+Insert can be used instead if you don’t have access to your keyboard’s button.

how to do a screenshot on a dell laptop

The Print Screen key has a variety of exact labels from Dell. It may be labeled as PrintScreen, PrntScr, PrtScr, PrtSc, or similar on your keyboard.


Utilize Your Dell Laptop Screen or Desktop to Take a Screenshot

You may begin taking screenshots now that you’ve located the Print Screen key on your Dell computer.

Here are a few methods for taking screenshots.

Using the Clipboard, take a screenshot and save it.

One single press is required to capture a screenshot of your entire screen and store it in your Clipboard. Access the screen you wish to take a screenshot of.

Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard once you’ve reached that screen. The Clipboard contains a copy of the screenshot.

Copy and paste your screenshot into an image editing software such as Microsoft Paint by pressing the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts.

how to do a screenshot on a dell laptop

Then, that’s it. Remember that you must save your screenshot before shutting off the Paint software.


Use the PNG Image Saver to Save Your Screenshots.

On your Dell computer, press an additional key while pressing the Print Screen button to capture a screenshot and save it immediately as a PNG picture file. The first step is to open the screen that you wish to capture. On your keyboard, press both the Windows and Print Screen keys.

This saves a PNG image file of your current screen as a screenshot. You may find this PNG file on your computer at the following location.

Replace USERNAME with your username in the next route. You may change your PC’s default location to save screenshots if you like.


And that’s how you organize all of your screenshots in one place.


Take a Screenshot of a Single Window

In Windows 10, you may snap a screenshot of a single window on your PC without including the backdrop.

Start by opening the window you wish to capture.

how to screen shot on a dell laptop

To print the current screen, use the Alt+Print Screen keyboard shortcut key. Copy the current window’s screenshot to the Clipboard. Press Ctrl+V in an image editor like Paint to see your screenshot.


You’ll be able to view it. And that’s how you do screengrabs on your computer. This is a great resource!


Snipping Tool Screenshot on Dell Laptop

Using the windows snipping tool as an alternative is an option you could consider. Using this built-in tool, you may take screenshots of your screen in various forms. To get the Snipping Tool, type “Snipping Tool” in the search box on the Start Menu. You’ll be presented with many options as soon as the program loads.

Select ‘New’ or press ‘Ctrl + N’ simultaneously. Your screenshot can be taken in a variety of shapes. In most cases, rectangular snip are the default. In addition to these, there are the following:

snipping tool


  1. Free Form Snip: The Free Form Snip function allows you to take screen shot of your screen in any shape.
  2. Window Snip: Capture your active window with a single click using the Window Snip feature.
  3. Full-Screen Snip: Snaps a picture of the entire, complete screen at once using the Full-Screen Snip feature. If you’re utilizing numerous monitors, this capability will come in useful. You can save your photo by pressing ‘Ctrl + S’ once you’ve taken it.

In conclusion, taking screenshots on a Dell laptop is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. By following the instructions provided in this article, you should be able to take screenshots of anything on your screen in no time.

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