Best Drawing Apps for Digital Artists: Top 10 Picks

Are you a digital artist looking for drawing applications that can help develop your artwork? Knowing which options are worth your time can be challenging with so many options. Luckily, we’re here to help! Today, I will share my top 10 picks for the best drawing apps to transform your art and make creating beautiful works more accessible than ever — so let’s get started immediately!

Suppose, You want excellent results but want to spend less time learning how to use complicated software. These ten drawing apps were carefully chosen — they provide all the tools a digital artist needs without sacrificing user-friendliness or flexibility. Whether you’re just getting started in art or already have some drawing experience, you’ll find something suitable from our top picks!


Explanation Of Digital Art

Digital art is a form of creativity using digital tools to create visuals. These programs give you access to custom brushes, shapes, and textures that help you create images in ways traditional paper-based media cannot.

Drawing apps allow digital artists to sketch on their tablets or smartphone. With a wealth of possibilities in digital art, you’re spoiled for choice when picking the perfect app! To make your decision easier, we’ve narrowed down our top 10 picks for best drawing apps for digital artists.


Best Drawing Apps For Digital Artists

Finding a suitable application for a task requires understanding about its features and limitations. Weigh the different features available when selecting the perfect fit for your creative goals. With our guidance, however, finding an app that suits your skillset and budget should be easy!


Astropad Studio

If you need a digital drawing app to help create advanced pieces, look no further than Astropad Studio. This versatile design app is perfect for vector art and painting projects, especially on iPad. Its intuitive UI makes it easy to quickly get your ideas on the canvas.

piece of software

Plus, tons of powerful features like pressure sensitivity support and customizable shortcuts ensure your work looks precisely how you envision it.

In addition, you’ll be able to sync up with Photoshop or other image editing programs so that all your adjustments are reflected across platforms. All these features combine to make this one of the best apps for digital creators looking for an advanced piece-creating tool.



Have you ever wondered what the best drawing program is for digital creators? Sketchbook, a painting and drawing application from Autodesk, might be your answer. Its unique features make it an incredibly versatile Android & iOS tool that can help turn any idea into reality. With customizable brushes, export options, and more – it has everything needed to make illustrations come alive in no time.

comic artists

Sketchbook allows you to use digital tools like Adobe Photoshop Sketch and 3D modeling applications and classic art forms like pencil drawings and oil paintings.

This makes creating complex works of art simple and fast. Moreover, users may utilize over 140 brush types to add texture and depth to their works, which is helpful. Additionally, they can use the app’s wide range of filters and effects to bring out the creative side within them.

Whether you’re a budding artist looking for an intuitive way to create your next masterpiece or a professional using digital media as part of their workflow – this leading digital art app has something for everyone!


Clip Studio Paint

Regarding digital art, Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) is a leading software for many creators. This powerful program offers various features, making it easy for professionals and beginners to create stunning designs on Android & iPad. It’s no wonder that the Pro version has become so popular among manga-style cartoonists and illustrators!

blank canvas

The range of tools in Clip Studio Paint Pro enables users to create detailed character designs or backgrounds with incredible ease. A drawing tablet’s pressure sensitivity feature can make drawings appear realistic.

And since this app supports all major file formats, importing & exporting projects is straightforward — plus, you can export directly from Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop CC! Whether you’re creating graphics for comics or print publications, there’s never been an easier way to do it than with Clip Studio Paint Pro.


Inspire Pro

Inspire Pro is one of the best free drawing app for digital artists. It’s an advanced painting application offers impressive features to help create beautiful, intricate illustrations. Creative Cloud integration means you can access digital paintings across all devices and platforms. Graphic artists, comic book creators, and painters will appreciate this adaptive tool set.

digital art application

Pixelmator Pro has a great selection of brushes explicitly tailored for digital art creation. You’ll find a variety of textures, shapes, and brush sizes in its extensive library. If you’re looking for something more than traditional inkwork or oil paints, Inspire Pro also lets you experiment with 3D objects, custom geometrical patterns, and other creative elements when creating your masterpiece.

The app supports multi-touch gestures, allowing users to efficiently move around layers and get closer detail with swipes and pinches. With its powerful toolsets and intuitive design interface, Inspire Pro helps make your artistic visions come alive!


Zen Brush 2

The next best digital drawing app on our list is Zen Brush 2. This software enables you to create natural-looking paintings with a simple design and various tools. It’s perfect for those who want to dive into digital art without feeling overwhelmed by complex features or settings. Here are five reasons it stands out:

character art

1. Simple Design – With its minimalistic interface, Zen Brush 2 allows users to start their creative projects quickly.

2. Array Of Tools – From basic brush strokes to intricate textures, there’s something in this app for all levels of creators.

3. Natural Painting Tools – The realistic painting experience makes it feel like you’re creating your design with traditional media — only better!

4. Premium Version – Upgrade to the premium version for more advanced features, which include additional brushes and effects.

5. Compatible With Other Software – If you decide to move beyond Zen Brush 2, all your work can be easily exported as a flat image file or layered PSD document that works with other popular apps such as Photoshop and adobe illustrator.

If you’re trying for a simple digital sketching program that provides a wealth of possibilities while making things straightforward to use and understand, Zen Brush 2 is a fantastic option. This package combines all of these tremendous elements to assist you in bringing your concepts to life!



You’ve probably heard of GIMP—one of the most popular digital art tools. Let your imagination roam free with GIMP – the open-source program serving graphic design masterpieces, from editing photos to artistic illustrations. It may not have all the bells and whistles of Corel Painter or Affinity Designer.

3D designs

Despite this, it compensates for its lack of functionality with its simple operation and various tools. It also offers a free subscription, which is a bonus.

GIMP is great for both newbies and experienced creators; you can get started immediately without having to fork over any money. Its friendly UI means anyone can pick it up quickly and start creating unique works of art.

With a vast array of brush types, colors, filters, effects, textures, and more, this powerful software gives users nearly limitless possibilities when exploring their creative side. Paintstorm Studio might be easier to learn if you’re starting in digital art software. Still, once you master GIMP’s robust functionality, you’ll create remarkable illustration pieces faster than ever!


Paintstorm Studio

Paintstorm Studio is a powerful digital painting software that comes packed with an impressive range of features. It’s viral among digital creators thanks to its intuitive and powerful UI.

graphic designers

With Paintstorm Studio, you can create a stunning canvas using the blend processes, layers, and other advanced tools. The painting engine offers a wide variety of brushes and textures. In addition, you may utilize open-source software like GIMP or Inkscape for additional editing features thanks to the design software. It stands out because it can be used as a paint program and a popular image editor, giving users more control over their artwork.

Digital creators looking for top-notch performance should consider Paintstorm Studio for their next project. Whether doing detailed illustrations or creating complex animations, this painting software will help quickly bring your vision to life. And due to its user-friendly UI, even beginners can enjoy working on projects without prior graphic design experience!


Art Rage

Look at Art Rage, an intuitive drawing program offering traditional painting tools and technical drawings. With features like wet diffusion, infinite canvas, and vector drawing programs, it’s no wonder this app is used by digital creators worldwide.

alternative tool

Here are 3 reasons to consider trying Art Rage:

1. It offers customizable pens and pencils for various projects ranging from landscapes to character designs;

2. Its layer system allows you to experiment with different colors without ruining your original work; and

3. You can save your progress in many file formats to continue working on them later or share them online easily.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-use tool or a seasoned pro wanting more advanced options, Art Rage has something for everyone! And suppose you ever find yourself stuck while creating your masterpiece. In that case, plenty of tutorials are available online and helpful forums where experienced users will provide advice and support.


Medibang Paint

Next up is Medibang Paint, a digital tool designed for comic and manga artists. It has all the features you’d expect from a top-notch photo editing and retouching app – but with one difference; it’s tailored to making comics.

collaborative workflow tools

The customizable interface lets you personalize your workspace according to how you like to work. At the same time, the powerful yet simple tools give you complete control over any project.

With its intuitive drawing tools, brush engine, and layer system, Medibang Paint puts everything at your fingertips so that creating beautiful artwork can be as easy or detailed as you choose. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a professional looking for a reliable tool set, this is worth checking out!

All in all, Medibang Paint offers excellent value for money when creating digital artworks of all kinds. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for novice users and experienced pros alike – giving them access to robust tools without compromising user experience. This choice is an efficient and effective way to create impressive illustrations quickly, even on desktop and MacOS.



Are you looking for the ideal drawing app to unleash your creativity? Look no further than Procreate. This one-time purchase app is a powerful suite of tools that can help digital creators take their art to a whole new level.

Perspective tools

With features such as Adobe Creative Cloud integration, simple yet effective blending modes, and oil painting brushes, it’ll be like having an entire studio in the palm of your hand!

Plus, with its intuitive user interface and streamlined design, even complete newcomers to digital art can get up to speed quickly. And if you’re worried about compatibility or want more options when editing photos, rest assured that Procreate plays nicely with Affinity Photo, too – so you won’t need any other art apps on your device!

This comprehensive package offers everything from sketching and doodling tools to advanced image manipulation capabilities – making it perfect for beginner creators and seasoned professionals who own iPad, Iphone, or Android Devices.


Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is the perfect choice for digital creators looking to take their artistry up a notch. The software has extensive, powerful, and advanced tools, making it ideal for experienced professionals and those just starting their craft.

tool for designers

It offers unlimited layers plus cloud storage support to back up your work easily. Exporting files to various formats helps enhance compatibility with other applications and systems.

What’s great about this app is that its feature-packed photo editor provides all the necessary tools for creating beautiful artwork, such as color correction tools and brushes. Plus, even more features are available when you upgrade to the Pro version – including batch processing, HDR merging, and panorama stitching capabilities – giving users maximum control over their creations even on a Desktop.


Importance Of Drawing Apps For Digital Artists

Unleash your inner artist with digital drawing apps and create awe-inspired masterpieces! These apps are essential for digital artists. They offer a wide selection of customizable brushes, digital canvases, and other digital painting software, allowing users to create beautiful designs easily. Let your imagination run wild with these tailored programs, and witness your digital creation reaching new heights!

Here is an overview of why drawing apps are so important for digital creators: –

  1. They enable customizations: Drawing apps come with various adjustable brush settings, allowing professionals to customize their look and feel according to their preferences. Using this approach simplifies achieving desired results from each project.
  2. Digital canvas options: Professional artists can access various digital canvases, from simple pixel art pieces to complex 3D models. With this option available, they can choose the best one to help them bring out the most creative ideas in their work.
  3. Selection of brushes: The right set of brushes is often considered one of the most important aspects when creating digital illustrations; drawing programs make it easy for pros to find what they need on an intuitive interface or through online search functions.
  4. Digital drawing tools: Modern drawing apps offer plenty of powerful tools that allow users to quickly sketch rough outlines or finely detailed designs at any resolution without manually adjusting every single line.
  5. Digital Painting Software: Advanced painting software offers layers, blending modes, and more advanced color manipulation techniques that cannot be achieved using traditional media such as paintbrushes or pencils alone.

All these elements combined give professional artists all the power they need when creating their masterpieces digitally.

Drawing apps offer an abundance of features explicitly tailored towards helping professional artists realize their visions into reality faster than ever before – taking both efficiency and creativity up a notch! Whether adding extra detail to existing projects or starting anew with fresh concepts, these applications provide everything needed for high-quality image creation – making them invaluable assets in any severe artist’s toolkit.


Features To Look For In An App

Upgrade your artistic skills! Check out these elements and find the ideal app to make your designs even more incredible!

User Interface:

Intuitive navigation, dazzling icons, and quick menus – get the features you need with a user-friendly interface!

Customizable Brushes:

The ability to create and customize your brushes is essential for creating unique designs. Look for apps that offer a range of brush types and the ability to adjust settings like opacity and flow.

Unlimited Layers:

Creating multiple layers allows greater flexibility in creating and editing designs. Look for apps that offer endless layers or at least a high number of layers.

Blend Modes:

It allows you to control how different layers or colors blend, creating various effects. Look for apps that offer a range of blend modes, such as overlay, multiply, and screen.

Color Blending:

A good drawing app should have tools for blending colors and creating gradients, allowing you to make more realistic and nuanced illustrations.

Drawing Tools:

Draw your pictures in unique designs with pens, pencils, markers, and more! Quickly undo any mistakes using the special erase tool and add details with a swipe of the innovative blend tool. Color your sketches in any way you can imagine!

Vector Brushes:

Vector brushes allow you to create scalable designs without losing quality. Look for apps that offer a range of vector brushes and the ability to import vector graphics.

Typography Tools:

Forget font-fumbling and get creative with typography tools! Adjust fonts size, style, and color to express yourself in your designs.

Pressure Sensitivity:

Find apps supporting varied pen pressure levels if you do your artwork using a stylus or other pressure-sensitive gadget.

File Formats:

Ensure the app supports the files you need to save and share your art, such as PNG, JPG, and PSD.

Considering these features, you can find a drawing app that meets your specific needs as a digital artist and helps you create the design you envision.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Drawing App for Beginners?

We recommend apps like Procreate, Sketchbook, or MediBang Paint for beginners.

What is the Best Drawing App For Professional Artists?

Adobe Creative Cloud, Clip Studio Paint, and Affinity Designer are excellent options for professional artists.

Are there Any Free Drawing Apps Available?

Yes, there are several free drawing apps available, including Autodesk Sketchbook, Krita, and GIMP.

Can I Use Drawing Apps on my Mobile Device?

Many drawing apps are available for desktop and mobile devices, including Procreate, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and Infinite Painter.

Can I Collaborate with other Artists using Drawing Apps?

Many drawing apps offer online collaboration tools and communities, making it easy to share your work and collaborate with others.


As digital art becomes more popular, artists must find the perfect drawing app. While many options are available, not all have the features or specifications to create stunning works of art. When choosing a drawing app, consider price point and ease of use factors. It’s also wise to look at reviews from other users who have experience with the application you’re interested in. 

For digital creators looking for an excellent drawing app, my top 10 picks include Astropad Studio, Art Rage, Medibang, Procreate, and Affinity Photo. Each has unique features that make creating digital masterpieces a breeze — so pick whichever suits your style and get creative!

Put another way: don’t let technology hold you back from expressing yourself artistically; instead, use it to bring out your inner genius!

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