How to Plan a Trip Using Google Maps?

Are you looking to plan a trip on your own or with friends and family? Google Maps is the perfect trip planning tool for getting a sense of what a destination is like before you even leave home. With the detailed street view and satellite imagery, it’s easy to see what a place looks like on foot and plan routes that take in the sights and sounds of your chosen location. Let’s plan a trip using google maps.

It’s now easier than ever to stay organized when planning a vacation, thanks to the abundance of travel guides and websites. To schedule a trip, We use Google Maps Trip Planner frequently.

When planning a trip, if you’re prone to feeling overwhelmed, you’ll want to refer to our detailed tutorial on how we do it. When planning a vacation, using Google Maps Trip Planner is an excellent method to get a sense of where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there.

Add-ons can help you keep track of all the places you’ve been told about and use Google Maps to plan more efficiently for several visits in a single itinerary.

When planning a trip, using Google Maps is a great way to keep track of locations and ideas. Once you have selected a destination, you can save the contact information and location of places that you’d like to visit. Once you have made the map, zoom it out, and find the points of interest you want to see. When planning the itinerary, you can find out which hotels are the best to stay in based on the location.


Google Map Trip Planner: A Quick Guide

When it comes to planning a road trip, Google My Maps is our go-to tool. The Trip Planner can help you figure out the best way to get from point A to point B. You can also use it to find attractions, restaurants, and hotels near your destination. Let’s explore in detail the steps you need to take Road Trip With Google Maps.


Make a Google Map of Your Own

Visit this link to establish a new Google Map and get started. The primary maps page can be accessed by a drop-down menu at the top of the page. Check to see if you’re already logged in to your Google account, or you can register here for free if you don’t already have one.  

  • Sign in to your account and then pick “Your Places” by clicking on the triple bars symbol in the upper left corner.


plan a trip with google maps


  • The next step is to choose “Maps” from the screen’s drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.
  • If you don’t already have a map, you won’t be able to see anything.
  • Select “Create Map” from the drop-down option that appears 

plan a trip on google maps


  • A new map with an unnamed map title and description will appear after this.


plan a route on google maps


  • Simply tap on “Untitled Map” to bring up a text field where you can type in your description. Make your plans as clear and concise as possible so that you can stay on track.


Sort Your Map Into Subcategories

Before creating a Google Maps map for a trip, you need to decide which categories you wish to use. Creating categories around interests, such as the types of activities you wish to do, makes organizing your map easier. For example, you could include hiking trails, beaches, coffee shops, and popular hiking and photography spots. Once you’ve decided on categories, you can add them to your map. 

As a rule of thumb, those would be the categories We use:

  • Food & Beverage Establishments
  • Cafes
  • Shopping
  • This is an excellent feature for those on road trip routes or seeing several places in one go.
  • Hotels This category should be utilized if you’re going to multiple locations.
  • What do you do in your spare time (hiking tracks, leisure spots, etc.)


how to plan a trip with google maps


Add an “extra layer” for each category by clicking the “Add Layer” button on the left-hand side of your screen.

Be sure to give each layer a name by tapping on the “Untitled Layer” text box as you did when creating your map. Our first layer was referred to as “Hotels.”


Add Your suggestions & Ideas on the Google map.

Pretend you’re booking a trip to an exotic locale you’ve been wanting to see for a long time. If this is the case, chances are you already have a few activities crossed off your list, whether they came from recommendations from friends, blogs, travel websites, or social media accounts like Instagram.

When you have all of your ideas in one place, you can then decide which ones you can explore further, and which ones you can’t.

Tap on the level (the category) where you wish to add a location marker. You can use this to add a marker to a certain spot.

After selecting the “Hotels” layer on my map and typing the hotel’s name into a search window that opened, we added this hotel to my map. By selecting “Add to Map” when the desired location is displayed in the search results, you’ll see a new marker appear on the map. On the left side of the screen, beneath the layer descriptions, you’ll find the location’s name. You may want to keep an eye out for this. 

  • If you placed a location in the incorrect layer by accident, there is no need for an alarm. You must grab the spot with your mouse and drag it into the relevant category.
  • If the location you are looking for does not immediately appear in the results, it is most likely because Google has not yet created a site. But don’t worry, there’s nothing to be concerned about! You can manually enter the area and the location name into the search field to add that location to your map. Using one of these approaches is a snap.


how to plan a trip on google maps


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Map Customization

A Custom Google Maps itinerary is possible that includes all of the galleries, landmarks, coffee shops, and other attractions that interest you. If you’d like to keep your marks arranged aesthetically, you can color-code them.

In order to achieve this, simply click on the paint bucket icon that appears at the very bottom of the pop-up location marker.

 The pencil icon beside the paint bucket icon allows you to add more information regarding a specific place (e.g., “PC Chicken Steak”) or to jot down alternative ideas for that site.  To get rid of an idea, click the trash button in the same panel.


how to plan a route on google maps


Color coding may be used in a variety of ways: 

  • Things can be color-coded according to their importance.
  • The restaurants on the “Must Visit” checklist may be marked in red, while those you’d like to visit in yellow as well as those you’d stop by if you had the time would be green in your color-coded system. Prioritizing your should and must-do activities while you’re there is made easier using this method.


Restaurants can be color-coded based on their pricing or level of formality.

  • Purple indicates more expensive eateries, whereas red indicates more informational establishments.


 Color-coding may be used to categorize your subcategories better.

  • Instead of labeling museums purple, parks blue, and shops gray on a single “Activities” layer; you might label museums purple, parks blue, and shops gray instead.

Instead of using greens, we recommend using a more vibrant red or purple for people who don’t want their documents color-coded. In my experience, it can be difficult to find blue map markers.

The categories you’ve just created will appear beneath their corresponding layer when you press the save icon.

Each location’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and URL should be added to the database. Whether you want to reserve a meal in a restaurant or get theater tickets, this is an easy way to do so.

In short, Google Map’s itinerary feature lets you color-code places you plan to visit according to priority or type. If you have more than one person in your group, you can color-code different areas for each member. Once you have added all the places important to each person, you can see where the greatest concentration of pins is. This will make it easier to prioritize your list.

To customize and color-code your Google Maps map when planning a trip, you can create directions layers, and categories based on what you want to include. Among these categories are coffee shops, hiking spots, and photography spots. You can also add current locations and activities you want to visit, such as beaches, museums, or other tourist attractions. Once you’ve mapped out your itinerary, you can color-code each category to reflect the activities you’d like to do and where you can find those activities.

Once you’ve added a place or activity, you can add a directions layer to display more information. This is helpful when you don’t have time to plan your trip. You can also add videos and photos to your maps or make routes. This way, you can plan every aspect of your trip to the nth degree. You’ll never be lost again! There’s no need to carry around a notebook and pen with you while traveling.


Group Activities Plan Management

When planning a trip using Google Maps, group-related activity is a good idea. Grouping similar activities together will make it easier to do them all on the same day. Choose the activities that are close together and keep your itinerary updated as you travel. You can also group places together by category or type. Decide which activities to group before your trip and start the elimination process.


plan a trip with multiple stops google maps

At this stage, you’ll be able to zoom map containing most of your desired destinations. To help you decide on where to stay, what hotels to book, what restaurants to visit, and what activities need to be organized, this guide is here to help. On-road trips, it’s helpful to visualize your planned route and utilize a method of elimination to select the best places to stop. Finding out how long it will take to get to your destination is considerably easier when you can see where you’re heading on a map.


Organize Your Day-to-Day Schedule

Organize Your Day-to-Day Schedule

You can plan and organize your day-by-day itinerary using Google Map. Google Map makes it easy to add multi-stop trips to your itinerary and allows you to customize your map by adding must-see attractions. You can also download the map to your phone for easy access to google maps and share it with your travel companions.

Once you’ve created your itinerary, you can share it using the Google Map App for your iPhone or Android. To plan your day-by-day itinerary, start by saving the locations you want to see and their contact information. When you have a map, zooming out to see the entire scene makes it simple to find your way there. This feature lets you see which places have the most significant concentrations of pins.

You can also add new sites to your day-by-day itinerary by dragging them from one day to the next. You can also use Google Maps to make an itinerary by adding landmarks to the map. To do this, type in the location you want to visit and click the Add marker tool. Click on it, and you will see a pop-up window. You can add a detailed description of landmarks you bookmarked on the map. These notes will appear under the pin titles. After you’ve completed the map, click Save to save your itinerary.


Use Google Map on your phone to Get Directions.

Google Map on your phone

You first need to download the Google Map app to use the maps on your mobile device. Once you’ve installed the app, open the Google Map page. Once inside, sign in to your Google account so that your personalized maps will populate.

After you’ve signed in, select the map you want to view. Once the map loads, tap on the three-bar icon in the upper right corner. After creating your trip, you can use Google Map to add the fastest routes to your itinerary. You can add different starting points as well as different directions.

If you’re unsure where you’re going, you can type “point A” in the search bar and see which fastest route is the best one for you. If you have more than one destination, you can also use Google Maps to add them to your itinerary.


Send a Link to Your Map to Your Travel Companions

Link to Your Map to Your Travel Companions

Sharing your Google Maps map with friends when you plan a trip is a fun way to keep them updated on your itinerary. You can even create saved places and then share them with friends.

Once you’ve reached your destination, the live tracking feature ends. This feature is also helpful in giving travel advice to friends. When sharing your map with friends, it’s important to remember that you’re sharing personal information, so be considerate of their privacy. To share your map with others, first copy the link you created for yourself. Click the “Share” button, then choose the email address and other details.

You can also attach a file with the map so that friends can view and edit it. When sharing the link, be sure to tell your friends how long you’ll be gone since sharing your trip details with the public can be risky. Even better, when you return from your vacation, you’ll have a comprehensive list of all the things to tell your buddies who are also planning a trip to that place.

Open the map as you normally would, and you can share it on your desktop. Directly beneath the map title, you’ll find a “share” button. When you do, you’ll be given the choice of sending the link by email, Twitter, or Facebook. Open Google Map for mobile sharing and select your locations > maps. To share a map, click the share button after selecting “See Map Legend” from the drop-down menu.

You have the option of sending your map to others via email, SMS, and other social media platforms. I would suggest going back to the map and making some notes on the places you’ve been, what you ordered, and the establishments you should try to avoid. Your other pals will admire you for it!


Frequently Asked Questions


When To Use Google Maps For Route Planning?

Google Map is an amazing tool for efficient route planning, especially for road trip itineraries. You can input your starting point and destination, and Google will give you the best shortest route to take. It will also show you estimated travel times and traffic conditions. This can be very helpful in planning your trip and making sure you allow enough time to reach your destination.


Can You Add Multiple Stops on Google Maps?

Yes, you can add multiple stops on Google Map, if you are planning a longer road trip. To do so, click on the “+” sign on the map, then click on “Add destination.” From there, you can enter the address or name of your desired location. You can add as many destinations as you like and re-order them by dragging and dropping them on the map.


Why should you use Google My Maps to plan your trips?

There are many reasons to use Google My Maps to plan your trips. With My Maps, you can easily create and share custom maps with your friends and family. You can also use My Maps to find the best quickest routes to your destination and get turn-by-turn directions. Additionally, My Maps makes it easy to add your photos and videos to your maps so that you can remember your trip forever. Finally, if you’re planning a trip with multiple destinations, you can use Google My Maps to create an itinerary and share it with your travel companions.


Does Google Maps always give the fastest route?

No, sometimes Google Maps does not always give the fastest route. The trip planner and navigation App consider several factors when finding directions, such as traffic conditions and the shortest distance.


When NOT to use Google Map for route planning?

There are a few instances when you should not use Google Maps for route planning. If you are going to an unfamiliar destination, it is best to use a map to see the surrounding area so you can get your bearings. Additionally, if you need to consider things like tolls or ferries, Google Maps may not be the best option since it does not always include this information.


Why Google Maps is the Best Travel Planning Tool?

There are many reasons why Google Maps is the best travel planning tool. For one, it is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can input your starting location and destination, giving you the best route to take. Additionally, you can see reviews and ratings for different attractions and businesses along your way to plan your trip accordingly. Finally, Google Maps is constantly updating its information, so you can be sure you are getting the most accurate information possible.



By following these simple trip planning processes, you can plan a trip anywhere in the world with the help of Google Maps. Whether a first-time traveler or a seasoned pro, this step guide will help you get the most out of this fantastic resource. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure by following this step-by-step guide on using Google Maps to plan your first vacation. Now, that you know how to plan a trip using google maps, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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