11 Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites With Name

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who it was? Or have you ever wanted to learn more about someone you met online or offline? If so, you might be interested in using a reverse phone lookup service.

A reverse phone lookup service allows you to enter a phone number and get information about the owner of that number, such as their name, address, and other background information. This can be useful for various purposes, such as:

  • Identifying spam callers or scammers
  • Verifying the identity of someone you are interested in dating or doing business with
  • Finding out who your partner is texting or calling behind your back
  • Reconnecting with old friends or relatives
  • Researching potential employees or tenants

To help you choose the best reverse phone lookup service, we have compiled a list of the top 11 FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites with Names that you can use in 2023. We have evaluated each site based on its features, accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and customer reviews. Here are our picks:



If you want to catch cheaters, Intelius is the best option with its massive public records database and complete reports that include names, addresses, social media accounts, and more. With Intelius, you can effortlessly search for information about a person using their phone number.

Their extensive database ensures that you’ll have access to accurate and up-to-date information. The complete reports provided by Intelius give you a comprehensive view of the person’s background, allowing you to uncover hidden secrets.


phone directories

Whether trying to catch a cheating partner or investigating someone suspicious, Intelius is the go-to choice for reliable, detailed information.

Intelius also offers a 6-day reverse phone number lookup trial for $0.95; after that, $34.95 per month.


Pros Cons
– Extensive database ensures accurate and up-to-date information – Paid services required for unlimited reverse phone lookups
– Comprehensive reports provide a detailed view of a person’s background – Some users may find the monthly payment option inconvenient
– Reliable and clear information helps catch cheaters or investigate suspicious individuals – Limited trial period of 6 days



When you need to locate old friends, classmates, or relatives, Spokeo is your best option for a comprehensive reverse phone number lookup. With Spokeo, you can effortlessly search for a person’s contact information and more using just their phone number.

It provides comprehensive reports that include the person’s contact information, background checks, and public records.


reverse phone lookup tool

Spokeo offers affordable pricing options and a user-friendly platform interface, making it convenient and accessible for anyone looking to find someone using their phone number. Spokeo charges $14.95/month for three months and $19.95/month for one.


Pros Cons
– Easy to use and navigate – May not always have up-to-date information
– Provides comprehensive information – Results may vary depending on the accuracy of the phone number provided
– Affordable pricing options – Limited to searching for people using their phone numbers only
– Offers background checks and public records search
– Can help locate old friends, classmates, and relatives


Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is the best option for identifying harassment calls or texts using a reverse phone number lookup. If you’re tired of receiving unwanted calls or messages, Instant Checkmate can help you track down the person behind them.

With its comprehensive database of records from social media, commercial platforms, and more, Instant Checkmate provides background checks, criminal record searches, and even email address lookups. The user-friendly platform interface makes it easy for you to navigate and access the information you need.


reverse phone lookup website

While Instant Checkmate doesn’t offer individual reports and only provides subscription options, its effectiveness in identifying harassment calls or texts makes it a top choice for those seeking to end unwanted communication. Premium memberships cost $5.99/month.


Pros Cons
– Effective in identifying harassment calls or texts – Only offers subscription options, no individual reports
– Easy to navigate and access information – No reverse phone lookup free trial
– Comprehensive database of records


Social Catfish

You can use Social Catfish to conduct a reverse phone number lookup and uncover the identity of unknown callers. With Social Catfish, you can enter a phone number and receive detailed information about the owner of that number.


phone number lookup service

This can be especially useful if you’ve been receiving unwanted calls or want to find out who a missed call is from. Social Catfish searches through various databases and online sources to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the phone number’s owner. Start with a $5.73 5-day trial for unlimited social media search.


Pros Cons
– Helps uncover the identity of unknown callers – May not always have information on every phone number
– Provides accurate and up-to-date information – Limited to phone number lookup; no other search options available
– Useful for identifying unwanted calls or missed calls – Requires an internet connection to perform the lookup



Truecaller is an app that helps you identify unknown callers and block spam calls and texts on your Android or iOS device. With Truecaller, you no longer have to wonder who’s calling you or worry about annoying spam calls interrupting your day.


reverse phone search service

This app provides caller ID, call recording, and community-based spam reporting features, ensuring you have all the tools to manage your incoming calls and messages effectively.

Monthly fees for the Premium plan begin at $10.99. Savings with annual commitment.


Pros Cons
– Helps you avoid unwanted calls from telemarketers and scammers. – Requires an internet connection to work effectively.
– Provides accurate caller ID information. – Some features may require a premium subscription.
– User-friendly interface and easy to navigate. – May only identify some unknown callers accurately.
– Constantly updated spam database for improved spam identification. – Only available in some countries.
– Option to record important calls. – Call recording features may not be legal in some jurisdictions.



If you’re looking for a reliable reverse phone number lookup site with a name, consider using USPhoneLookup. It’s a user-friendly platform provides comprehensive reports and contact information for phone numbers.

With USPhoneLookup, you can quickly identify unknown callers and get detailed information about them. It also offers background checks and public records search services, allowing you to dig deeper into someone’s background if needed.


search functions

The platform has affordable pricing options and provides customer support for inquiries or issues. Overall, USPhoneLookup is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to uncover the identity behind a phone number.

A single report on a phone number costs $1.95, and a monthly membership is available for $13.95


Pros Cons
– Comprehensive reports and contact information – Limited free options available, mostly require payment.
– Easy identification of unknown callers – Some information may not be up-to-date or accurate.
– Ability to perform background checks and public records search – May not have as extensive a database as other providers.
– Affordable pricing options
– User-friendly platform interface



Check out BeenVerified for the best overall reverse phone lookup experience. With BeenVerified, you can easily find information about unknown callers, identify scam calls, and even get comprehensive background reports.


previous addresses

The user-friendly interface and extensive database make it a top choice for those who want to master the art of reverse phone lookup. Premium membership options start at $26.89 monthly with a 7-day, $1 trial.


Pros Cons
– Extensive database for comprehensive results. – No free trial for reverse phone lookup.
– User-friendly interface for easy navigation. – Some information may need to be updated or completed.
– Multiple search options for different needs. – Not available in all countries.
– Detailed background reports for a complete picture.
– Affordable pricing options



Use Whitepages for a reliable and efficient reverse phone number lookup experience. With Whitepages, you can easily find information about unknown callers, verify phone numbers, and get detailed reports on individuals.


phone number search

The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a vast database, ensuring that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information. whitepages offers 20 premium searches for as little as $4.99


Pros Cons
– Comprehensive and reliable information – Some features may require a subscription or payment.
– User-friendly interface – Limited free access to certain information.
– Access to a vast database – Not available in all countries.
– Multiple search options
– Accurate and up-to-date results



You can use NumLooker for a reliable reverse phone number lookup experience. With NumLooker, you can quickly find the name associated with any phone number. Whether you’re trying to identify an unknown caller or need to verify a contact’s information, NumLooker has you covered.


location history

Enter the phone number into NumLooker’s search bar. Within seconds, you’ll receive detailed information about the owner of that number. NumLooker provides accurate and up-to-date results, ensuring you have the necessary information.

Say goodbye to mystery calls and unknown numbers with NumLooker’s efficient and user-friendly platform.


Pros Cons
– Easy and reliable reverse phone number lookup – Limited features compared to other providers.
– Quick results – May not have information on all phone numbers.
– Detailed information about the phone number owner – No additional services beyond reverse phone number lookup.



GreatPeopleSearch provides a comprehensive database for conducting reverse phone number lookups with accurate and detailed results. With GreatPeopleSearch, you can easily find information about a person by entering their phone number.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly search for any phone number and retrieve valuable information about the owner.


Pros Cons
– Provides accurate and detailed information – Limited to phone number lookups only.
– Easy to use and navigate – No free trial option available.
– Comprehensive database ensures reliable results – Some information may be outdated or incomplete.



CocoFinder offers a reliable and efficient platform for conducting reverse phone number lookups with accurate results. With CocoFinder, you can easily find the name and other relevant information associated with a phone number.

Whether you want to identify a caller, investigate a suspicious number, or find out who owns a particular phone number, CocoFinder can provide you with the answers you need.


Pros Cons
– Accurate and reliable results – Some features may require a paid subscription.
– Easy-to-use interface – Limited availability of international phone numbers.
– Fast search process – No mobile app available for on-the-go searches.
– Comprehensive reports with detailed information
– Data sourced from reliable public records



In conclusion, these free reverse phone number lookup sites are like a detective’s magnifying glass, allowing you to uncover the truth behind those mysterious calls and messages.

With their comprehensive background reports and scam call identification, you can finally end the frustration and gain peace of mind.

So don’t let those unknown numbers keep you guessing; take control of your phone and discover the truth with these powerful tools.

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