13 Educational Apps For Students Using Chromebook

It’s time to bid farewell to the mundane classroom and embrace a world of limitless opportunities! Brace yourself for a thrilling educational adventure from the cozy confines of your home. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s a groundbreaking reality that will revolutionize how you learn. It sounds like a dream come true, but it’s possible with educational apps for students using Chromebooks. These powerful educational technology tools can take any student from novice to master quickly!

Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your traditional studies or want to broaden your knowledge base, an app out there fits the bill.

This article will examine educational programs on Chromebook that can aid in becoming an expert learner. These learning experiences are highly beneficial for those seeking to acquire new knowledge.


Importance Of Academic Apps For Students


Educational programs are becoming increasingly important for students of all ages. They can provide an interactive way to learn, making absorbing information more accessible and enjoyable. 5 Reasons Why Educational programs Are Essential for Students.

Accessible Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Educational programs offer students an excellent resource for learning materials regardless of location. Google Docs and Google Drive are great examples of learning apps that enable collaboration and storage of work in the cloud from any device, allowing students to access resources anytime and anywhere.

Interactivity for Engaging Learning

Educational programs are a great way to make learning more enjoyable and engaging. From math games to language-learning programs, these activities help students develop essential skills while having fun. This makes it easier for them to stay engaged and retain information.

Personalized Learning for Individual Needs

Educational programs offer a way to customize learning for each student’s needs and abilities. Chromebooks have features for different age groups, such as language-learning apps that provide lessons based on the student’s level and math apps that give personalized practice questions and feedback.

Enhancing Teacher-Student Collaboration

Educational platforms have revolutionized the way teachers and students interact. They provide a real-time feedback platform for educators to assign tasks, monitor progress, and give personalized guidance to help students understand complex topics. This enables learners to go at their own pace, improving academic performance.

Cost-Effective Learning Solution

Educational programs provide an excellent way for students to access high-quality learning materials without breaking the bank, as many are free or cost very little. These platforms can supplement or replace traditional learning methods, typically involving more expensive expenses like textbooks and stationery.


Features To Look For In Best Academic Apps


Several features must be considered when selecting the best educational platform for Chromebooks.


Features Benefits
Designed for teachers Ensures the app has the necessary tools for effective class management and a secure environment
Flexible learning tools Allows students to learn according to their learning styles
No forced-installed apps Protects user data from malicious attacks and ensures privacy
Real-time interaction Provides access to up-to-date information and progress as activities occur in the classroom


Top Educational Apps For Students using Chromebook

From math games and science experiments to foreign language lessons and history lectures – whatever subject matter piques your interest – these amazing apps have it covered! And better yet, they make complex mastering concepts fun and exciting. With interactive 3D visuals, vibrant colors, and engaging activities, acquiring new skills has never been easier or more enjoyable.




Regarding engaging and educational platforms for Chromebooks, Raz-Kids stands out from the crowd. This ad-free and kid-safe service is designed to help children learn with a personalized reading experience tailored specifically to their level of development.


child organizational unit


With Google Workspace for Education integration, teachers can easily assign books, monitor progress, and customize reports – all within one convenient platform.


Features Description
Google Workspace for Education Integration Allows teachers to assign books, monitor progress, and customize reports in one platform.
Automatic Grading It saves teachers’ time and effort in grading assignments.
Access to Over 3000 Leveled eBooks Provides children with reading materials tailored to their reading level.
Personalized Learning Activities Teachers can use data insights to personalize learning activities based on student needs.
Fun Audio Recordings It helps kids practice pronunciation while building fluency and comprehension skills.




Moving on from Raz-Kids, IXL is another excellent educational platform for Chromebook users. It’s available in the Chrome Web Store and provides a secure learning environment with Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals. You can download the App from Google Play Store.


valuable tool


Features Description
Secure Learning Environment IXL is a safe platform that provides a secure environment for learning. With Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals integration, teachers can manage access and control student information.
Multiple Subject Areas IXL covers many subjects, including math, language arts, science, social studies, and art projects. This makes it an excellent all-in-one resource for teachers and students.
Detailed Reporting IXL offers detailed reporting on student performance by topic or skill area. Teachers can use this information to monitor progress and provide specialized guidance.
National Standards Alignment All lessons in IXL align with national standards, making it easy for schools to ensure their courses meet state curriculum requirements.
Customizable Class Activities IXL provides teachers with comprehensive extension policies, enabling them to customize class activities to meet specific student needs.




Seesaw is a platform for students that offers a comprehensive learning experience. It’s the perfect solution for Chromebook users, with built-in Chrome settings and parental controls.


Google for Education


Feature Description
Comprehensive Learning Experience Seesaw offers a comprehensive learning experience for students of all levels. The app is designed to promote engagement and encourage collaboration while tracking student achievement every step of the way.
Built-in Chrome Settings Seesaw has built-in Chrome settings and parental controls that allow parents to monitor their child’s activity on the platform. This feature ensures a safe and secure learning environment for students.
Integration with Chromium Seesaw integrates with the Chromium open-source project, providing students access to the latest educational tools and resources. This integration helps ensure students get the most out of their educational journey.
Interactive Activities Seesaw offers a variety of interactive activities designed to make learning fun and engaging. Students can explore new topics, collaborate with classmates, and track their progress.
Multimedia Portfolios With Seesaw, students can create multimedia portfolios using Adobe Spark Video. These portfolios provide a comprehensive overview of the student’s progress and accomplishments, giving teachers and parents insight into their child’s development.




Matific is one of the most popular educational software for Chromebook users. It offers a unique interactive approach to math, perfect for students looking to enhance their skills or have fun with numbers.


Apps for Kids


With Matific, parents can easily track and monitor their child’s progress, giving them peace of mind that their student is getting the best education possible. The software integrates seamlessly with Google Expeditions, Jamboard, Classrooms, and Family Link, providing access to worldwide virtual learning materials and resources.

Moreover, it works on any Chrome App or Browser without compromising performance.


Features Details
Educational Focus Math
Compatibility Any Chrome App or Browser
Integration Google Expeditions, Jamboard, Classrooms, and Family Link
Interactive Learning Unique approach with step-by-step instructions
Feedback Enhanced level of input and immediate answers
Parental Control Parents can easily track and monitor their child’s progress
Benefits Builds up confidence in math and a better understanding of complex concepts
Cost Free Chrome app




Transitioning from Matific, we move on to Freckle. This software is the perfect educational tool for Chromebooks. The program provides user accounts and automatic updates to keep lessons current. Additionally, it incorporates accessibility tools for elementary school students to enhance learning.


flexible tools


Freckle makes class management a breeze with its interactive lessons and assessments. Teachers can easily track student progress and modify assignments according to individual needs.

This app has features designed specifically for teachers, such as lesson planning, data tracking, and more.

Freckle is a recommended app for classrooms seeking to improve teaching efficiency and effectiveness. Its user-friendly interface has powerful tools, making it a popular educator choice.




CK-12 is one of the best educational programs for Chromebooks. With Google admin access, you can upgrade to Chrome Enterprise and gain access to meaningful learning experiences with CK-12’s lesson content designed for Chromebook use.


app for teachers


This easy-to-use platform supports teachers in creating an excellent student experience by providing dynamic resources that enable students to work at their own pace while staying on track.

Plus, with the built-in security chip helping keep your data safe, you know your school’s information is secure.

The app also helps make sure you are meeting all of your state standards when it comes to curriculum delivery. Through frequent updates, it ensures lessons stay up-to-date and relevant.

It provides activities that help reinforce concepts, quizzes, and tests to measure student comprehension. That way, teachers and students can feel confident they get quality education from this powerful resource.

Overall, CK-12 offers an exceptional tool for teaching and learning through Chromebooks – making it a must-have for educators today.




Have you ever wished your Chromebook had the same educational capabilities as a laptop or desktop PC? Edulastic is an app designed to help teachers and students make the most out of their Google Workspace. 


apps for children


Feature Description
Ephemeral Mode Create temporary activities to review material quickly without permanently adding it to your workspace.
Block Mode for Education Domains Limit student access to certain websites while using classroom materials online to ensure no one strays off-topic in class.
Sound recording and playback tools It was explicitly tailored towards music classes, with AI noise cancellation technology.
Automatic grading The premium feature allows automatic grading, saving time for teachers and providing faster feedback to students.
Adaptive learning algorithms Another premium feature that provides personalized instruction to students based on their performance and learning style.




Newsela is a Google LLC organizational unit app designed to help children achieve better learning outcomes. It provides access to an extensive library of educational material catering to individual needs.  


Feature Description
Extensive Library Newsela provides access to vast educational materials catering to individual needs. Students can engage with content tailored specifically for them and their level of understanding.
Reading Program The reading program within Newsela helps develop strong literacy skills by offering articles from over 500 different sources at various difficulty levels.
Progress Monitoring Newsela allows teachers to monitor student progress and provide feedback on completed activities, giving educators another way to assess how much their students absorb from class materials.
My Quest Newsela’s newest feature, “My Quest,” provides an immersive game-like experience. Users explore virtual worlds while completing tasks related to the topics they read about to improve their comprehension and skill development.
Educational App for Chromebooks Newsela is one of the best educational software for Chromebooks, perfect for those looking for engaging yet effective ways to hone their reading abilities and knowledge base.




While Newsela focuses on the news, Blendspace is dedicated to education. Teachers have developed this app, providing an excellent platform for various educational materials.

It allows users to create digital lessons using content from any source, whether videos or documents. With this app, students can easily find learning activities that are best suited for them.

To use Blendspace effectively, users must have a Google Account. Chrome Unboxed recommends this app as one of the top-notch resources used in classrooms worldwide because of its advanced security features, such as built-in accessibility and security measures, with a centralized admin console that lets admins manage student accounts securely. 


Feature Description
Customizable Templates Allows educators to create multimedia-rich assignments quickly
Preloaded Content Includes content from Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Collaboration This will enable peers to collaborate, share ideas, and provide feedback
Lesson Plans Provides access to comprehensive lesson plans created by experienced teachers
User-Friendly Interface It makes creating interactive lessons fun and engaging for students and teachers.
Security Features Built-in accessibility and security measures with a centralized admin console that lets admins manage student accounts securely




WriQ is an excellent app for Chromebooks that allows students to improve their reading skills with custom-made lessons. Experience the incredible power of real-time data! With innovative tools for tracking progress in grammar, fluency, and other areas of literacy, educators can now achieve unparalleled levels of precision and ease.


apps for users


WriQ even allows teachers to assign tasks from any device connected to the internet – perfect for today’s digital classrooms! This powerful tool makes learning more accessible than ever by combining robust features with convenience and ease of use.

With WriQ, teachers can monitor student improvement over time with detailed reporting tools, ensuring that everyone stays on top of their studies.




PlayPosit is an excellent app for Chromebook users looking to learn, engage and interact with content. With this program, students can create custom learning experiences, track progress in real-time and access content from any device or platform. Additionally, the app has an accessibility policy that ensures it meets Chrome’s standards and supports dark mode.


apps for education


Moreover, teachers have access to powerful analytics features that help them identify areas of improvement in their students’ understanding of the subject matter.

Furthermore, PlayPosit provides a custom assessment builder so educators can tailor tests based on each student’s needs and get more reliable results. All these features make this one of the best educational programs available today.




ThinkCERCA is a fantastic app that provides Chromebook users the perfect tool for improving their writing and skills. Developed by two teachers with a wealth of classroom experience, this innovative platform offers interactive lessons on various topics, from fiction to non-fiction books, relevant reading materials, and writing exercises designed for real-world applications.


apps on Chromebooks


The Chrome version even allows offline use! Users benefit from personalized activities and assessments tailored to their needs. At the same time, educators gain powerful data analytics to track student progress and adjust instruction accordingly.

From elementary schoolers to college students, ThinkCERCA has something for every grade level learner – an intuitive design, easy navigation system, and extensive library to ensure everyone can find what they need.

So if you’re looking for engaging material or want to brush up on your grammar skills, ThinkCERCA is the place to go.




Desmos is a compelling and versatile educational app that has become a hit among teachers and school districts. It allows users to create profiles, access apps with educators in the classroom, and control which content is accessible based on the domain names of those signed in.


apps to devices


This app also features interactive tools like quizzes, activities, simulations, and animated videos, making it easier for instructors to teach their students essential concepts while allowing kids to explore math at their own pace.

Additionally, administrators can monitor student usage data over the year to track progress. Desmos is a top Chromebook educational system today, offering fun learning experiences and deeper engagement than ever!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do schools use Chromebooks instead of iPads?

Schools often prefer Chromebooks over iPads due to cost-effectiveness and built-in keyboard features. Chromebooks are generally more affordable, making them a practical choice for budget-constrained schools. Furthermore, they come with a built-in keyboard, which allows students to start working immediately, unlike iPads, where a separate keyboard often needs to be purchased.

Why do schools block everything on Chromebooks?

Schools block specific websites and content on Chromebooks to create a safe and distraction-free online environment for students. This protects students from inappropriate or harmful content and keeps them focused on academic-related tasks.

Can schools see what you do on a Chromebook?

Yes, suppose a student uses a school-provided Chromebook and is logged into a school-managed account. In that case, the school can monitor the student’s online activities. This includes browsing history, document edits, and email exchanges. This is done to ensure a safe and productive use of technology.

Do you need a Gmail account to use a Chromebook?

While having a Gmail account to use a Chromebook is not mandatory, having one significantly enhances the user experience. A Gmail account provides access to Google’s suite of applications, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Classroom, often used in educational and professional settings.

Do Chromebooks have a kid mode?

Chromebooks have a kid mode, managed through Google’s Family Link. This feature allows parents to monitor and control their child’s online activities, set screen time limits, and approve or block specific apps and websites.

What is the main difference between a laptop and a Chromebook?

The operating system is the primary difference between a laptop and a Chromebook. While laptops typically run on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, Chromebooks operate on Google’s Chrome OS. This makes Chromebooks more web-focused, with most applications and documents in the cloud.

Can you use a Chromebook without the Internet?

Yes, you can use a Chromebook without an internet connection. While Chromebooks are designed for use with an internet connection, many of their applications have offline modes. This includes Google Docs, Google Drive, and certain games and apps. However, an internet connection is recommended to use a Chromebook’s capabilities fully.



Educational programs can enhance student engagement and knowledge retention. Certain apps can serve as supplementary teaching tools, guiding learning new concepts. Chromebook users can use great educational programs that make learning more accessible and enjoyable.

Raz-Kids is perfect for mastering reading skills; IXL helps with math; Seesaw encourages creativity and collaboration; WriQ assists with writing tasks; PlayPosit offers interactive video lessons; ThinkCERCA strengthens critical thinking abilities; and Desmos brings science and engineering activities alive. Together they form a strong foundation of knowledge as solid as steel.

The best part about these apps? They enable us to learn anywhere we want – at school or home, during lunchtime or after dark. Like unlocking hidden doors, using the best educational apps on our Chromebooks opens up vast possibilities for exploration and growth. So why try one (or all) of these fantastic tools? You never know what incredible journey awaits!

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